Posted on April 28, 2021 at 1:54 am

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How to Understand That Your Ex Wants to Get Back

Even if a breakup has already happened, you still don’t lose hope, and you want to find the answer to the question of how to find out if your ex will return. We hardly answer this question. After all, not knowing all the nuances, it is impossible to predict how a woman will act in a particular case. But there are several signs of her desire to return. We’ll talk about them.

Photo by <a href="">Allan Dias</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Allan Dias on Unsplash

1. Likes and comments on social networks

A girl is interested in your life. Perhaps in this way, she tries to show you that she still loves, feel attraction and affection. Don’t blacklist her. Her positive reaction to your post is like compliments. If she reacts to your photos or writes something under your posts, then it can be an excellent reason to start communicating with you.

2. She is still alone

If your ex still loves you, then it is likely that she will avoid new affairs. At least, for some time. And even if she went on dates with some men from east European dating sites free or had a short romance but tried to hide it from you, it was done in order not to harm your couple. One of the reasons why it is important that you know about her status as a “loner” is because she is still hoping for a comeback.

3. Frequent meetings

How to find out that ex wants to return? She visits places where your romantic meetings took place. The main reason for this behavior is precisely loved. If you are ready to forgive a woman, try to start anew, you should call her for a frank conversation and ask why she is constantly looking for a meeting. Clearly express your position on how you see your future.

4. She is the initiator

So, attempts to communicate, especially if she constantly tries to remind you about herself, are the fourth signal that helps know whether she wants to return you. Texts and calls mean that she wants to get it all back and be with you. If not even consciously, then subconsciously for sure. Of course, one call per month is not a reason to think so. But if the ex does it quite frequently and, at the same time, you don’t show any initiative, then this is a sign. Maybe you need to talk and clear the air.

5. She revised her behavior

If the ex mentions the changes that happened to her during the time that you were not together, she wants to apologize. The woman is aware of her mistakes but afraid to admit that she wants to renew communication. What can be understood from the fact that she talks about this? Let’s return to the previous paragraph. At least 2 signs converge!

6. Concern about your life

If you have a common circle of friends with her, and she constantly asks them about you or talks about you, then this is another positive sign. After all, this means that you still don’t get out of her head. She talks about it with others. So, if you heard about something like this from mutual friends, then pay attention to it.

7. Something in common

If she often recalls jokes that only the two of you find funny, all the good things that your couple had, she hints that she misses you – these are also quite powerful indicators of her desire to be with you. Pay particular attention to whether she recalls your past. If so, she’s probably nostalgic for you. And this is also a good sign.

8. “Drunk” messages

Alcohol is an elixir of courage. Therefore, under its influence, many commit sincere acts, which can’t be done when being sober. And if your ex-girlfriend suddenly calls you at midnight and says that she misses, loves or, on the contrary, reproaches that it is your fault, then, most likely, she wants to start it over again. Here you decide to return or not. But remember that fixing something that is broken is much easier than starting from the beginning

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