Posted on March 24, 2023 at 11:35 pm

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Creating a Flawless Schedule: Tips for Restaurant Owners and Managers

To ensure the prosperity of your restaurant, creating a flawless schedule is a complicated yet essential process. However, that is not easy since it requires lots of planning and creativity to come up with a perfect staff team. Luckily, you can now ease your job with the use of a free restaurant scheduling app

In this article, we’ll talk about the things you should do to create a flawless schedule for your restaurant. This will help in making your customers happy, but will also create a positive atmosphere to work in. Keep reading and find out more.

Use a software solution 

As with many other things, software solutions are of great help in creating a schedule for successful restaurant management. Not only do they make working with ready-made templates easier, but they also reduce the chance of errors, which is a huge benefit.

These are cloud-based apps that employees can always open and view when they’re at work. There are also options to set reminders to notify workers of their shifts so they don’t forget.

Most importantly, with a free restaurant scheduling app, the process of switching shifts between staff is a breeze. By mutual agreement, they can send each other an invitation in the application itself, which remains to be approved by you, if you allow it.

Give equal chances

Certain days like weekends as well as night shifts usually offer higher incomes so employees fight for these positions. To prevent conflict, it is best to rotate employees between day and night shifts so that everyone gets the same chance.

It is also important to combine employees in teams where there will be experienced and new members. That way, newbies will learn while efficiency is fully preserved.

Create the shifts around your employees 

To create a successful schedule, you must focus on the capabilities of your workers. That’s why, before you start scheduling, you need to make sure that your employees are free on those days, and they don’t make sacrifices so they don’t let you down.

This is where the free restaurant scheduling app comes in very handy as employees can insert dates when they are unable to come to work. That way, you can take that into account when creating shifts. Not only will this make it easier for you to manage the restaurant, but you will also increase employee satisfaction, which is of considerable value.

Use the free days smart

To ensure satisfaction among your employees, when creating the schedule try to give each employee two consecutive days off. With that, you avoid exhaustion, they can rest and recharge their batteries for a new productive week. 

Let your staff schedule themselves

An interesting concept to consider trying is letting your employees set their own shifts. This is extremely easy with the free restaurant scheduling app, where employees apply for a shift until the positions are filled.

That way, you’ll be sure that they are happy with the shifts they’ve chosen, and it’ll take less time to create your schedule. Normally, in the end, you will revise and if necessary, change some shifts to stick with your idea of managing the restaurant.

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