Posted on March 25, 2023 at 6:10 am

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Amal Sehrawat attends padh yatra, shares his experience

Actor Amal Sehrawat is currently in Delhi for the shoot of his webseries. However, he also recently attended a padh yatra with Ex Chief Minister, Mr. Om Prakash Chautala and Arjun Chautala.

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“I am here for a shoot of a web series and since I have a home in Gurugram also, I decided to be here instead of travelling. To meet and greet people and to spread awareness about party agendas and to understand the grassroot problem of people, which is why I went for the padh yatra. Meeting the ex-CM was a very warm experience, we discussed how and what changes are required in the present time. He was very receptive and shared his experiential thoughts on it,” says Amal.

Meanwhile, the actor who was last seen in the show Harphoul Mohini,

“Web series shoot is keeping me busy and I am engrossed in my character. At the moment, I don’t want to multitask and disturb the mindset I have made to prepare myself for my character well,” he says.

Photo Courtesy Amal Sehrawat Team
Photo Courtesy Amal Sehrawat Team
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