Posted on February 7, 2023 at 12:04 pm

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Indonesian financial services just became more transparent with the localisation of investfox

Localisation, or the process of adapting a product or service to a specific locale or market is a crucial consideration for anyone with an online presence. For those who are fluent in English, it is easy to forget that most of the world is not and that this has a huge impact on how people use the internet. In a study conducted by Gallup, they asked 13,752 people a series of questions, including if they prefer to use the internet in English or in their native tongue. The response was overwhelming, as 9 out of 10 internet users said that they always used websites in their own language if possible, with just 53% being happy with using an English version of the site if it was not available in their own tongue.

It all boils down to effective communication

Effective communication is the key to providing services that are not only accessible to a wider audience but allows those services to be fully understood. This can be especially important in regions where English is not widely spoken. Things really start to show their importance when we start to focus on the more complicated subject matter.


Let’s turn to the financial industry as a case and point. If you are not fairly well versed in the English language, then reading an article about how to properly apply leverage or set a stop-loss order can quickly turn into a confusing mess. You might even end up misinterpreting what is being said and cause yourself financial ruin through a misunderstanding of the text. As such, it is of the utmost importance to allow people the ability to read and understand concepts in their own language, making sure the point comes across correctly.


While certain tools have become available to us in recent years to help with the struggle of language localisation, it is not nearly enough to push text through something like Google Translate and imagine that we will end up with a comprehensive outcome. The same goes for those “Translate this page” popups that might be useful in gaining some access to sites in other languages, but often do not give a clear idea of what is being said.


The solution, therefore, is a simple one, the world needs more websites in more languages.

Indonesia – getting overrun with nonsense

Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country located in the warm equatorial region of the globe, with beautiful nature and a financial scam looming in the shadows of those pretty coconut trees. 


The phone assistant company Truecaller has been doing an annual Global Spam Report, and in 2021 they found that the average Indonesian resident received upwards of 14 spam calls per user per month and that 80% of those were from so-called “financial services”. As the world’s fourth most populous country, with a population of over 270 million people, it has the largest economy in Southeast Asia, and many people looking to get into the investment game. This is something that scammers have picked up on and the market of false information and fake investment opportunities has been flooded.


One thing to note is that many of these “opportunities” come in the form of websites and dodgy callers who are speaking English. That’s right, due to a lack of information and assistance in the local language of Bahasa Indonesia, many people get pulled into bad deals by unscrupulous individuals and dodgy websites.


So, how big is the need for localized information in Indonesia?


English First (EF) is an expert in the field of language training, and as the name suggests, English is their forte. The EF English Proficiency Index is a ranking they keep up of 111 countries and regions by English skills and as the data suggests, Indonesia falls into the “low proficiency” bracket. If nothing else, this at the very least proves the need for good-quality financial information to be available to the general public of Indonesia.

investfox to the rescue

Providing financial information and services in Indonesian can help ensure that people are able to fully understand and make informed decisions about their finances. This is especially important given the rapidly growing economy and financial sector in Indonesia, as people need access to reliable and accurate information in order to make informed decisions about how to manage and grow their wealth. This is where the young and energetic startup investfox steps into the picture.


investfox provides trustworthy and transparent reviews for all investment products and opportunities. These reviews are conducted by industry experts, but at the same time, they allow for user-generated reviews to also step into the light to give a fair and complete picture.


Why mention all this? Well, investfox has launched a Bahasa Indonesia version of their website that is proving to be useful beyond measure to those looking into the financial services industry in Indonesia.


But investfox is not just here to bring transparency and honesty to the investment industry through reviews in English and Indonesian, no sir, they are on a mission to translate their site into as many languages as possible. For a website that has only been up and running since mid-2022, they have already garnered respect in the industry with its fair, straightforward, and no-nonsense outlook.


investfox holds a wealth of knowledge that far surpasses just the reviews of financial services, they also offer a huge knowledge base to anyone who wishes to gain some education in the fields of finance, and they offer all of this free of charge.


Overall, localizing a website can be a valuable investment for businesses looking to expand into new markets or better serve a diverse audience. investfox is already adapting the website to the language, culture, and expectations of audiences and in so doing offering a trustworthy service to people from countries all over the world.


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