Posted on February 18, 2021 at 4:45 am

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Tech Advances of the iGaming Technology in 2021

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It looks like 2021 will be a great year for the iGaming industry. The COVID-19 pandemic is still dictating our lives, and more people are replacing traditional casinos with online ones. This is exactly why iGaming providers will look to take their operations to the next level in the New Year. For this to happen, it’s necessary to have new technological developments that’ll bring new and improved online gambling. With that said, let’s look at some of the tech advancements that’ll affect the sector in 2021.

Virtual reality

The concept of virtual reality or VR has been around for quite some time. Gamers have always imagined being able to step into virtual worlds instead of just looking at the screen. The first VR headsets arrived not a while ago and the first reactions were mixed. While the technology worked well, the graphics and gameplay needed a lot of tweaking. In recent years, VR technology got better and better, which is exactly what we can expect in 2021 as well. The iGaming industry is keeping up with this trend and VR casinos are already here. This year, more iGaming providers will work on improving their virtual casinos and offering the ultimate casino experience to their players. Those who miss brick-and-mortar casinos but want to follow social distancing rules will fall in love with them in no time. What’s more, VR technology is constantly becoming better. For example, this might just be the year in which we get to see VR headsets recognizing more facial expressions.

Mobile games

Mobile devices are constantly growing. More and more people are spending less time behind their desktops since their mobile devices can now do it all. Smartphones and tablets are easier to use and you can take them with you no matter where you’re going. This is why more casino enthusiasts are playing their favorite casino games when not at home. At the moment, over 70 percent of iGaming turnover is generated through mobile devices and this trend will continue in 2021. Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised that online casinos will focus even more on mobile this year. This means they’ll develop more mobile casino games and look to improve the mobile casino experience in general. The good news for them is that new technologies are making their job easier. With new and sleek designs, 5G network, and better screens, delivering the ultimate casino experience on mobile shouldn’t be tough.

Distributed cloud system

The new distributed cloud system can do wonders for the iGaming industry. With most online casinos attracting players from all across the world, they need to keep their sites running well. This means that reduced latency and minimal data losses could help them improve their service. Reduced latency and minimal data losses are exactly what the new distributed cloud system has to offer. The way this new cloud approach works is that cloud services are distributed to different geographical locations. This means iGaming sites would be able to say goodbye to the common centralized cloud model and get physically closer to their players. The new approach could do a lot for the entire sector, especially because the latency in some parts of the world such as Africa and South America is a huge issue. The cloud continues to advance and this might just be the move that helps the iGaming industry grow even more.

Better casino software

If you’re into coding, you know just how much work it takes to build a game. For those who don’t, here’s an example – World of Warcraft developers had to write 5.5 million codes to make the game work. While online casino games take less, casino software is still extremely complex. However, the iGaming industry is still in its infancy and casinos want to offer new and improve games. We’re not only talking about gameplay as they look to improve graphics and offer more features to their players. In 2021, we might see casino software improve and enhancing the user experience. Plus, we’ll see tons of new games, some of which look nothing like those we played in the past. Companies behind casino software such as Play Tech and Micro gaming are doing well at the moment. Should the trend continue, there’s no doubt they’ll bring us more new stuff in 2021.

New payment options

It’s safe to say that there are still people who feel uncomfortable making transactions online. While paying with credit and debit cards has improved over years, some new payment options have emerged. These new options aren’t only safer but also quicker and less expensive. The payment option that has made the most noise in the past few years are cryptocurrencies. These digital currencies are as safe as it gets and they should attract more players to online casinos. In 2021, we’ll witness a new digital currency emerge – Diem. Diem (formerly known as Libra) is a Facebook’s take at crypto and it’ll be fun to see what online casino players will think about it. Also, with digital currencies constantly growing, we might get to see more players who use credit cards give them a go. One thing’s for sure – crypto will play a huge role in the iGaming industry in 2021. If current trends continue, they’ll help online casinos speed up their operations and offer better service.


The bottom line is that we live in an age of technology and we can expect all sorts of advancements to arrive. Some of them have to potential to revolutionize the entire sector and bring even more fun for online casino players.

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