Posted on October 13, 2023 at 3:44 pm

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What should you do when rat infestation is bothering you?

If you’re a new homeowner or a seasoned one, you can’t deny that the most loathsome nuisance that can occur in your house is rat infestation. If left unaddressed, rat infestation can damage your home, internal structures, and furniture. The rodents and rats keep gnawing everything they get in their grasp. Not only that, rats also carry more than 80 types of diseases among which some can even be transmitted to human beings. 


So, what are some of the most effective rodent control tips that you can follow in order to get rid of these unwelcome guests? Should you get help from Glen Burnie rat control experts? Read on to know more. 


Prevent infestation of rats – What are the key steps?


Denying rats of sustenance and shelter is the key to preventing them from entering your house. 

  • Deny them water and food


Rats can survive on almost anything and hence completely denying their access is rather tough. Nevertheless, you should be aware that rats love citrus fruits and hence if there are fallen citrus fruits in your backyard, remove them in order to keep rats away. One more thing that rats love is cat and dog food. If you have pets and you often place their food containers outdoors, be sure that this will also attract rats. 

  • Deny them shelter


If you are serious about preventing rat infestation, clean your storage and backyard so that there is practically no place for rats to hide and seek shelter. At the attic, ensure the weep holes are all sealed as these are one of the primary rat entry spots. 


What to do when your house is infested by rats?

  • Give a call to the experts


A DIY approach will rarely solve rat infestation. Hence, it is always a smarter idea to immediately give a call to the rat extermination experts as soon as you spot signs of rat infestation. They are aware of the effective methods of eradicating them.

  • Seal your home professionally


Another tried and tested way of blocking pests, especially rodents, is home sealing. Rats are highly resourceful and they can fit into any small hole that is left open to enter your home. Get a pest technician and ask him to seal all doors and windows to prevent access to rats. 

  • Declutter your home


Clutter and trash are a rat’s best friend. They love clutter as that makes a perfect hiding space for them. Hence, start off by decluttering your home and cleaning spaces. 


What you shouldn’t do


  • Don’t bring in a pet cat thinking that this will be a permanent solution for your rat infestation problem. 
  • Don’t use the inexpensive rat poisons that you get over the counter. This is not an effective way of getting rid of rats from your house. 


So, if you are facing a problem of rat infestation in your home, waste no time and get in touch with a team of qualified and experienced pest control professionals. 


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