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The expansive universe of K-pop welcomes its seven new stars. The new kids on the block, EVNNE, which stands for “Evening’s Newest Étoile, have made a starry debut with their first mini-album, [Target: ME]. The  group includes KEITA, PARK HANBIN, LEE JEONGHYEON, YOO SEUNGEON, JI YUNSEO, MUN JUNGHYUN, and PARK JIHOO, all of whom have  been recognised for their many talents through music survival shows, most notably, Mnet’s popular K-Pop Survival program, BOYS PLANET.

The album brings to the fore the contrasting sides of its seven members,whilst on one hand it is ambitious and wild , on the other it is  relatable and boyish.

The mini-album includes six new songs. Starting with the title track, “TROUBLE” which expresses the group’s wild passion for shaking up the world. “Role Model” has a reimagined West Coast hip-hop sound and talks about the passion idols have for becoming role models to each other. “Pretty Thing” is a hip-hop and synth-based song that describes the act of falling in love at first sight. “Your Text” is a groovy R&B track with acoustic sounds that dives into the hopeful feeling one gets when waiting to hear back from someone you love.

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In an exclusive interview with Puja Talwar , EVNNE talk about the excitement of their debut, their influences and love for Bollywood.

UA:Many congratulations on the debut. How does it feel like at the moment?

KEITA: We are thrilled to make our debut as EVNNE, and we are excited to showcase various facets of our group. Also, we can’t wait to go on the stage to perform.

YOO SEUNGEON: After the show “Boys Planet” ended, we weren’t sure when we would be given another chance. But thanks to all the fans who sent words of encouragement, we were able to make our debut as a group. We will showcase all the charms that weren’t revealed on the show, so please stay tuned.

UA: How did you choose the name “EVNNE” for the group?

KEITA: The group’s name was carefully chosen after numerous discussions with Jellyfish Entertainment. The name EVNNE stands for “EVENing’s Newest Etoiles,” signifying our aspiration to become the brightest stars of the night.It signifies our ambition to capture people’s attention from the highest point in the sky.

UA: How was the album contextualized, and what was the idea behind it?

MUN JUNGHYUN: The debut album, “Target: ME,” is named to reflect our aim to become the target of the public’s interest and expectations. This album serves as an introduction to EVNNE, showcasing what we have to offer and what the audience can anticipate from us.

UA: What is the most memorable experience during your promotion?

JI YUNSEO : All the members of EVNNE came together and met through the Boys Planet program.I remember our first round of competition on the show, which was my first-ever experience performing on stage. I vividly recall the cheers from our fans, them calling our names, and their eyes as they looked at us. It’s an unforgettable memory that still shines in my mind.

Photo Credit : Jellyfish Entertainment

UA: What is the biggest lesson learned from the program, Boys Planet ?

JI YUNSEO: Before appearing on the show, I was just a trainee from an agency. But after participating on the show,I learned that there are many fellow trainees who share the same dream and goal and are working very hard, just like me. Understanding that really motivated me. Additionally, the time we spent together preparing for performances taught me a great deal, about being on stage as well as effective ways to communicate.

UA: What is the creative process like? How do you all work together?

KEITA: After we gathered together for the first time, we started to prepare for our debut album. From what we saw on the program, I  just knew that the members are talented individuals and great people to be around. But as we formed into one team to work together, I felt that our chemistry as a group was exceptional, and I found them to be people I could trust. With all these in mind, I’m really thrilled for our future activities together.

Photo Credit : Jellyfish Entertainment

UA:What has been your musical influences growing up, and is there anyone that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

YOO SEUNGEON:I received a lot of musical influence from Charlie Puth, and I also would love to collaborate with him in the future. I’ve been a fan of his music since I was young, and it inspired me to dream about becoming an artist like him someday. recently saw the production process of the song “Light Switch” on an online platform. Seeing that he received musical inspiration from turning a switch on and off, I was inspired to find my own musical inspiration in everyday life and incorporate it into my music.

JI YUNSEO : I would be thrilled to collaborate, or even meet with Harry Styles if the opportunity arises.He has collaborated with a band called 5 Seconds of Summer on a song titled “Youngblood,”and I found that song very touching. In fact, I covered that song when I was a trainee. I admire his refreshing yet easy-listening vocal style, and there’s a lot I could learn from him. So I would love to meet him in person and sing with him.

UA: K-Pop is a worldwide phenomenon. As the new generation representing the genre, what do you feel makes it so special?

PARK JIHOO: K-pop especially offers a platform for active communication between artists and their fans. K-pop’s ability to transcend language barriers, its energetic performances, and impeccable synchronized choreography, are some of the factors that make it special.

YOO SEUNGEON: In addition to what was mentioned, K-pop often presents a unique team universe with messages for fans. The dedication and passion put into perfecting synchronized choreography also contribute to what makes K-pop special.

UA: Do you like Indian food? Do you watch Indian movies? Do you have any plans to visit India to have a concert?

Photo Credit : Jellyfish Entertainment

PARK JIHOO:I really enjoyed watching the Bollywood film “3 Idiots.”I came across the movie by chance because it’s a film that many high schoolers in Korea watch at school. It was a delightful experience, and it sparked my interest in exploring more Bollywood movies.

PARK HANBIN: We recently made an appearance on the show from Hello82 and we talked about India on that program. So we looked up songs and music videos from India. We would welcome opportunities to collaborate with Indian artists, both in terms of music and culture.

YOO SEUNGEON: I’m interested in music, so I specifically studied Indian music. One characteristic I found in Indian music is the exciting rhythm of the Moombahton genre. As for the music video, it felt like I was watching a clip from a drama or a movie.


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