Posted on August 29, 2023 at 1:44 am

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Dr Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha suggests ideal Rakhi gifts based on Zodiac signs

Raksha Bandhan is on August 30 and choosing the perfect rakhi gift for your sister is quite a task. Celebrity astrologer and Vastu consultant Dr Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha is here to guide you. He shares what would be the best gift for your sibling based on zodiac signs.


Photo Courtesy Dr Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha Team
Photo Courtesy Dr Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha Team


Aries individuals are known for their adventurous spirit. Consider gifting your Aries sister a day of outdoor activities, like hiking or a fun adventure experience. A sports-related gift or a subscription to a high-energy workout class might also be appreciated. Taurus, on the other hand, appreciates the finer things in life. Consider gifting your Taurus sister a spa day, a luxurious scented candle, or a gourmet cooking class. Anything that appeals to her senses and love for comfort will be well-received,” he says.

For Geminis, who are curious and love to learn, a book from her favorite genre, a puzzle or brain-teaser game, or a ticket to a thought-provoking lecture or workshop is ideal. Cancers are sentimental and value emotional connections. So, one can create a personalised photo album or scrapbook filled with memories, or give her a piece of jewelry with sentimental value. A cozy blanket or a heartfelt letter expressing your love would also make her smile,” he suggests.

Leos enjoy being in the spotlight. Consider gifting your Leo sister tickets to a concert, theatre show, or comedy night. A personalized gift with her name or initials would also match her desire for individuality. Virgos are practical and detail-oriented. Opt for a gift that caters to her organizational skills, like a planner or a set of high-quality stationery. A subscription box with practical and useful items might also align with her preferences. Libras have an eye for beauty and harmony. So give them a piece of art, a bouquet of her favourite flowers, or a spa gift set. An invitation to a fine dining experience or a stylish accessory would also resonate with her. Sagittarius are love adventure and exploring new places. Consider gifting your Sagittarius sister a travel voucher, a hiking gear set, or a cooking class featuring international cuisine. Capricorns appreciate practicality and elegance. Consider gifting her a classic watch, a leather accessory, or a subscription to a business or self-improvement book club,” he adds.

For Aquarius and Pisces, he shares,

Aquarians have a creative and unconventional streak. Opt for a gift that supports her interests, like a subscription to an art or music streaming service, or tickets to an innovative art exhibit. Pisces are dreamy and artistic. Consider gifting your Pisces sister a painting or art supplies, a relaxing spa day, or a ticket to a live music or theatre performance.”

Wrapping it up, he adds,

“It’s the thought and effort that counts the most. Observing your sister’s interests and considering her zodiac sign can help you choose a thoughtful gift that shows how well you know and appreciate her unique qualities.”

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