Posted on August 29, 2023 at 1:29 am

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Paridhi Sharma opens up about the new show Siikho

Actress Paridhi Sharma, who hosts the show Siikho, says that the show is a perfect blend of education and knowledge. She adds that the show talks about different professions and is great for people who are just embarking on their career journeys.


Photo Courtesy Paridhi Sharma Team
Photo Courtesy Paridhi Sharma Team


“The response has been really good and people are really enjoying watching this new content which has a mixture of both education plus entertainment. The show is dedicated to the youngsters who would like to start their careers. So this show will be a lot of help to them to understand their medium and explore their profession more. We, as hosts, are also learning and enjoying a lot,” she says.

Talking about the episodes, she says,

“Every episode is unique in itself as it is specifically targeted for a specific profession. I think up till now we have covered 52 episodes which have a lot of professions which we are talking about. We have called experts in the field, and they have come and shared their experiences, knowledge, expertise. The show has a lot of knowledge, a lot of information, and a lot of insight from the people who are actually practically really working in that area.”

She adds,

“I think every story is very important and every episode has so much to learn from. It has so much knowledge, information and insights especially from the people who belong to that industry. If a student wanted to become, for instance, a pilot, then we have especially a dedicated episode where a true pilot will come and will share his experiences, insights, what it is required to become a pilot, how to become one, what are the challenges, what are the aspirations. Everything, every minute, detail of the profession.”

The show has also led to her personal growth, says the actress.

“It has immensely contributed. I think, as actors, we always aspired to observe people from different walks of life. And this very show, Siikho, has given me an immense opportunity to directly interact in detail with the people who belong to a different industry. It has opened up such a wide horizon for me to learn and grow and evolve and understand.”

Vishal Salecha is the visionary behind this concept and the Producer of the show. The Co-Producers Kalpesh Jain, Ritesh Patadia, Vishal Gowani, Amber Zaidi and Aniruddh Dave together have been instrumental in bringing “SIIKHO” to life. The makers of the show wish to create awareness and empower the youth to develop their potential and timely channelise it to contribute to India becoming a $5 Trillion and 3rd largest Economy in the World.

Don’t miss out on this captivating voyage of “SIIKHO,” every Sunday at 8PM on DD National, as it promises to ignite the flame of curiosity and the thirst for knowledge. It is full of Edu-tainment.


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