Posted on July 11, 2023 at 9:56 pm

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Interesting Factoids I Bet You Never Knew About Short Term And Long Term Furnished Rental Apartments In Singapore

Over time furnished rental apartments in Singapore are becoming the popular choice for all travelers. While hotels have their appeal, for many, they just don’t cut it anymore.

So, what’s the reason? Why is Singapore such a popular choice, and why is there a solid preference for furnished rentals? If you want the answer, keep reading!


What makes Singapore different?

Singapore has it all, as some would say. You can find everything from exciting tourist destinations to exciting business opportunities. This openness is why so many travelers and expatriates find themselves here in the first place.

And Singapore embraces this with open arms, seeing the interest and potential of appealing to travelers of all kinds and turning it into its industry. But how does it achieve this? Well, it’s time to look over some exciting facts on this.

Fact 1: Fully serviced apartments

If you like living lavishly, you must opt for fully serviced accommodation in Singapore. These apartments have a hotel’s grandeur but at a more affordable rate.

And that’s not an exaggeration; you enjoy housekeeping services and luxurious amenities like a gourmet kitchen. Many such accommodations will also provide you with swimming pools or gyms on top of everything else.

Fact 2: Accommodating expatriates

Singapore boasts a highly diverse community with expatriates from all over the world. This open-minded attitude extends to helping expatriates settle in. Many rental properties will provide a pick-and-drop service from the airport, whether short or long term.

On top of that, some of these rentals may even have a setup for visa assistance and cultural orientation programs to facilitate the settling-in process further.

Fact 3: The options are endless!

You don’t have to worry about settling for less than what you want! Since Singapore is a hotspot for tourists, business folks, and many others, the goal is to meet the needs of as many travelers as possible.

So, many options will be available whether you have space requirements, amenities, or anything else. In many parts of the world, you’d find yourself compromising on this sort of thing, but thankfully Singapore isn’t one of them.

Fact 4: HDB flats for the budget conscious

Speaking of Singapore’s great attitude towards travelers, talking about HDB flats is necessary. HDB, or Housing Development Board flats, are government-subsidized accommodations that make up most of the residential areas in Singapore.

Many of the owners of these flats end up renting out their apartments at really affordable rates, making it much easier to find a place to stay. And if you’re chasing the authentic Singaporean experience, you can’t go wrong with an immersive place to stay like the HDB flats.

Fact 5: Interior design to die for

Singapore’s unique look and feel seeps into every aspect of daily life as a multicultural melting pot. It’s a unique combination of modern and historical features that showcase the vibrant identity of the region.

And, of course, this also applies to the interior design of all apartments and accommodations. You’ll be hard-pressed to find something basic or underwhelming because the eclectic persona of Singapore is embedded into every design element and piece of furniture.

Not to say that it’s ostentatious or gaudy; it’s just understated enough to prevent overwhelming your eyes.

Fact 6: Flexibility with your lease

Since Singapore is accustomed to frequent travel, leases are very flexible. While in some parts of the world, you have to commit to a specific lease based on the terms set out by the landlord. But this is less of an issue in Singapore because you can share your input and request understanding.

In this way, those traveling for business or pleasure can easily customize their lease agreement to benefit all parties. This is an essential factor to leverage, especially for those who frequently travel for work.

Fact 7: Renting in residential areas

We’ve already talked about HDB Flats, but what if you want your place? Well, don’t worry because that’s an option too! With time, Singapore is modernizing and innovating its approach to rental spaces. Whether short term or long term, more neighborhoods are springing up with rental apartments for travelers.

This results in many travelers coming to Singapore for a more calming experience. Not only do some vacationers seek the safety and comfort of residential space, but there’s also the desire to live authentically alongside local community members. And, of course, for those in business, the less hustle and bustle, the better.


So, with all that understanding, it’s clear that Singapore offers a comfortable and convenient environment for all travelers. The deliberate effort towards facilitating these visitors is why it’s such a profitable model.

Not only do you get a lot of flexibility, but you also get the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Singapore’s dynamic and exciting culture. And what more could a weary traveler ask for?

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