Posted on July 11, 2023 at 10:25 pm

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From Shamita Shetty to Alia Bhatt: Bollywood celebs who adore cats

The boom of social media has brought the fans closer to their favourite celebrities, offering an insight into everything of the stars’ lives, including pets.

Photo courtesy Shamita team
Photo courtesy Shamita team

Many Bollywood celebrities often take to social media to share adorable pictures of their pets spreading love and warmth on the internet.

From Shamita Shetty to Alia Bhatt, a lot of our female celebrities have time and again displayed their fondness for their furry feline friends through their social media. Let’s take a look at Bollywood celebrities and their cute cat pets:

Shamita Shetty

Shamita Shetty has always been in complete awe of cats and the love she has for her pets Pixie, Lola, Loki and Phoebee is a proof of it. Animal lover since childhood. Shamita has disclosed that she’s always had a cat or dog at home, for as long as she can remember. Her current cat Phoebee is Shamita’s pet princess, and the actress adores her unconditionally!

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt, who recently embraced motherhood with the birth of her little daughter Raha. However has been a doting cat mom since years. Earlier in 2021, Alia bid farewell to her dearest Sheeba and currently has a cat named Edward, whom she lovingly calls Eddie. Alia often shares adorable pictures of Eddie on her social media handles, expressing her affection for her furry companion.

Jacqueline Fernandes

Jacqueline Fernandez and her love for her furry friends is no secret. An absolute animal lover, she owns a furry white cat named Miu Miu. Jacqueline frequently keeps posting photos of herself with her cat.

Disha Patani

Disha Patani shares an adorable relationship with her pet dogs and cats. Disha Patani gifted a new baby kitten to herself on her birthday. She even shared a post welcoming this new member to the family. And is often seen kissing and cuddling her adorable white beauty.

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