Posted on September 7, 2022 at 3:33 pm

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How elevator shoes are changing the shoe game

“The best thing about being tall…People look up to you” – anonymous

Being taller is a long-held desire for many men around the world.  While there is no guarantee that simply being taller will make you feel more confident or successful, globally around the world, millions of men have employed many techniques used to gain those extra inches like eating a protein-rich diet, exercising regularly, and in some extreme cases, even using medication. 

There is however a much faster (and fashionable) way of appearing taller – elevator shoes. 

What are elevator shoes?

Elevator shoes are shoes that are ergonomically designed to have a hidden heel, which makes you appear taller.  The higher heel cannot be seen by any observer, and so the extra height is not in any way obvious. Elevator shoes contain extra built-in insoles below the heels that offer the greatest variation. Elevator shoes, therefore, provide a solution that heightens your appearance without forcing you to wear unsteady high heels. In addition, these shoes provide a host of other advantages, which we’ll go over in the section below: 

Taller people earn more money
There is evidence to suggest that taller people do indeed earn more money.  This may be down to a number of factors, including the fact that taller people are more likely to be in managerial or professional roles, and are therefore better paid. Salary negotiations favor taller people as they have greater scope to impose their viewpoint as their managers have to look up giving the perception of being dominated. Additionally, taller people are often considered more attractive by employers because of unconscious bias – which can lead to higher salaries and better job prospects.   Given that elevator shoes are designed to heighten your appearance, they are an excellent way of increasing your stature and even increasing your earnings potential. 

Better posture
Taller people have better posture and good posture is important for everyone, but it is especially crucial for taller people.  A good posture allows you to carry your weight more evenly, which in turn helps to promote better health. Additionally, a good posture gives you a more confident and dignified appearance. Elevator shoes help to improve your posture by increasing the height of your heel – which in turn promotes better balance and stability. An added benefit of having a taller stature is that standing further upright, reduces the pressure on the lower back.

Taller people are more attractive
There is evidence to suggest that taller people are considered more attractive than their shorter counterparts. This may be down to a number of reasons, including the fact that taller people are often seen as being more powerful and confident. Additionally, taller people tend to have better proportions – which can make them appear more attractive. Another reason why taller people are more attractive is that they often have a narrower waistline, which is considered more attractive than a wider waistline. Elevator shoes can help to increase your height and make you more attractive – so if you’re thinking of improving your appearance consider investing in elevator shoes! 

Shoes designed for Comfort 
The special insole of Elevator Shoes is lightweight and comfortable, and it is specifically designed to help you stay on your feet. Its high absorption capacity and air circulation make it a good choice for air fresheners, ideal for hot climates. The structure of the shoes ensures that your feet are perfectly enclosed and slipping is prevented. Therefore, you will be able to wear our shoes on a daily basis without experiencing any discomfort. Shoes designed for Comfort are perfect for people who have to stand for long periods of time or walk a great deal.  Elevator Shoes are made from the finest quality materials, and they are designed to last. The shoes come with a one-year warranty, so you can be sure that if there is any issue with the shoes. 

Contemporary style

Shoes in recent years have become a statement and an extension of the new, modern man. Picking the right shoe for the correct occasion with the proper style is now more important than ever. Elevator shoes have been designed with a contemporary style, unique and completely differentiated made from only the finest, most durable materials. There is a shoe to suit both your taste and occasion from everyday workwear, to a casual night out with friends to even an exclusive dinner party – we have you covered! Most importantly, irrespective of the style you choose, the discreet heel will remain completely from even the most perceptive of observers.

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