Posted on September 7, 2022 at 5:05 am

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Shubh Shagun’s Shehzada Dhami gets an adrenaline rush by doing action sequences!

Getting hurt on the set is quite common for actors. It is almost like this is kind of part and parcel of being in the profession. Actor Shehzada Dhami, who is currently seen in Shubh Shagun, recently met with a mishap when he was shooting with a harness.



Speaking about the incident, he says,

”I was 20 feet above ground level and on a harness. After a while when I was hanging, the harness broke and I fell off on the car roof. And after that luckily there were people on the ground to rescue so they saved me. The initial reaction was a big shock of falling off but then I realised you have to use your presence of mind. Luckily I could save myself. There was an injury on my feet but I managed that in a few days. Most importantly after the incident I did not stop shooting and continued with my scenes.”

Do you enjoy doing stunts and action sequences?

“Ofcourse! As an actor these things are important. I have been into martial arts for the last one and a half years and hence I am more inclined towards this. The adrenal rush to do action is a different feeling. Also you realise how important your fitness is.”

Dhami who is sporting a short smart hairstyle is getting a lot of compliments for that. He says,

”My long hair look has been my favourite, but I am falling in love with my short hair. For this role in Shubh Shagun I have shortened my hair. I feel for an actor the look can never be permanent. It’s always changing with their characters and that’s the greatest high for an actor. My look with long hair is a bit rowdy and with short hair it’s classy and suave. I am getting a lot of compliments.”

Regarding his character in the show, Shehzada says,

”It’s a character of a rich business man who is deeply in love with his sister. His sister is his world and the character shades are different from what I have done in the past. Living a new life with every character is an inspiration for me.”


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