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Must-Know Tips To Win Your Fantasy Cricket Leagues

The hype around fantasy cricket is not going anywhere anytime soon! Essentially, Fantasy cricket works by creating a virtual dream team of cricketers and win points based on their performance in the match. People love to participate in fantasy leagues and win real money via cash-earning apps like Gamezy, Dream11, and many more. 

Must-Know Tips To Win Your Fantasy Cricket Leagues
Must-Know Tips To Win Your Fantasy Cricket Leagues

However, winning your fantasy cricket league is not as easy as it might seem. It’s not just a matter of luck, but the use of excellent analytical and predictive skills to win. Pro players have a specific strategy and adaptive gaming methods along with a relevant experience that allows them to play their cards right. So before you participate in your first match, here are some tips to increase your chances to win in fantasy leagues.

Conduct Thorough Research

Before picking your team or making any decisions, make sure to conduct thorough research for your game. Check players’ performance and pick the ones with a good streak in the latest matches. Don’t pick your favourites because recent performance matters more than their overall career record. Reputation doesn’t affect how they perform in the game, but skill and form, on the other hand, have everything to do with it.

Examine The Weather Report & Pitch

One of the primary tips most fantasy cricket players forget is to analyze the weather and pitch of the match. Paying attention to these details can help you pick the right team for that particular tournament and increase your winning chances by a significant margin. For instance, if the pitch is dry, the match will be held in the afternoon, and you should pick spinners in your team instead of swing bowlers. Spinners perform well for a moist pitch instead. 

Assemble The Alpha Team

For your fantasy cricket team, you have to choose players from both sides of the match. As a result, you have the perfect opportunity to bet on the best performing players and create your alpha team that is, in fact, the best of both worlds. Once you have finished your research on your upcoming tournament, start choosing your team members, keeping in mind their recent match performance and form.

Choose The Perfect Assortment Of Players

In fantasy cricket, you need to pick at least one player across all categories. Hence, it is necessary to assign players as per their skills. Choose top Batsmen, wicket keepers, bowlers and fielders who are all-rounders and can perform their best across categories. For instance, choose top Batsmen who are also known for their wicket-keeping skills. As a result, they can win you maximum points during the match.

Make Your Top Players Captain & Vice-Captain

The players you choose as your captains can make a difference in winning or losing your match. In fantasy cricket leagues, the team captains can win 2x points, and vice-captains earn 1.5x points. Hence, choosing your top player as team captain and vice-captain will amplify your points. 

Create Multiple Teams & Last-Minute Changes

Many players are unaware that they can create multiple teams in fantasy cricket leagues, which increases the probability of winning. Also, once the toss result is announced, the players are given a chance to make last-minute changes to their fantasy team and select players as per changing requirements.

Stay Updated On Latest Announcements

Being attentive to the latest announcements and declarations during the ongoing match is a must. Whether it’s a player’s injury or changes within the batting line-up, stay on top of all the updates. These factors are crucial for a player to predict and formulate strategies for winning the fantasy league. For instance, the player who was assumed to bat next might be proceeding later. Consequently, choosing the proper batsmen in a precise order will cause a definite increment in your points. 


Lastly, make sure to invest some time in your team and monitor your players’ performances.  It will benefit in making your predictions stronger and more accurate. Once the tournament is over, the player with the highest points will be the champion and win real cash! With more experience, you will get the knack to identify where you went wrong and improve your game further.


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