Posted on September 13, 2021 at 9:42 pm

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Toronto Trio Gen 64 Drops Fun Hip Hop Song – ‘Dum Dum’

Toronto Trio Gen 64 Drops Fun Hip Hop Song – ‘Dum Dum’

Toronto Trio Gen 64 Drops Fun Hip Hop Song – ‘Dum Dum’

Dum Dum is a summer song for a post-pandemic Toronto. GEN64’s second single on Surrey-based label Snakes x Ladders is a VIBE. “We made this right at the start of the summer when we knew things were going to start opening up again in Toronto and around the world. That excitement and energy were already looming so it spilled into this song. The song’s about summer love, kicking back and having fun.” says the band. We know now that we’re a long way from back to ‘normal’ – but this afrobeat-inspired jam speaks to having simple, normal moments even in these unprecedented times.

The group continues “Mani made the Afro-style beat at home and when we listened to it in the studio we already knew it was going to be a summer bop… when we came up with the Dum Dum hook we freaked out. Lush added his verse the next day and it was a wrap.”
GEN64 is an alternative hip-hop group based in Toronto, Canada, with vocals from Lush
Lightyear and Mani, and production by DEYS. By producing, writing, mixing, and
mastering their own music, the trio is able to experiment across genres while always
maintaining a signature sound. With “64” being an ode to Nintendo 64, the brand
incorporates nostalgic elements and retro aesthetics to serve as a foundation for its
unique approach to music.

The three met in high school and began collaborating under the moniker “Childhood”,
generating local buzz around their fresh and genuine content. A decade later, the group
has evolved both creatively and sonically. They now move towards establishing
themselves as innovators in the music industry, especially among South Asian artists
across the globe.

GEN64 blends sound from hip-hop, R&B, alternative, electronic, afrobeat, and more.
Some of their inspirations include Childish Gambino, Young Thug, 070 Shake, Majid
Jordan, BROCKHAMPTON, and Tyler, The Creator.

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