Posted on June 25, 2021 at 5:29 am

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Contact Lenses with Power: Are They Really For You?

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Contact lenses with power vs eyeglasses is an argument as heated as cats vs dogs or even peanut butter vs Nutella. Well, not as heated as the latter, but you get the gist, right?

Getting back to whether contact lenses are a good option, the best decision for you depends on many factors like your vision, lifestyle, and budget and should be discussed with an eye doctor. However, with the evolution of contact lenses, it is easier than ever to shift from glasses to contact lenses with power. There are multiple benefits of using contacts, including giving you a full field of clear vision. Let us go through some more advantages of contact lenses to help you decide better.

Contact Lenses

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Is it better to wear contacts or glasses? Are contact lenses safe to wear? Learn all about contact lenses with power below:

  • Fit for People with Active Lifestyle

Contact lenses with power are the most efficient solution for eyewear for keen athletes and active individuals who enjoy playing sports.They do not move when your head or eyes move, so you won’t have to worry about them falling out and possibly breaking. Contact lenses rarely escape from the eye socket, and when they do (most commonly when a wearer rubs their eyes too hard), they are extremely difficult to break. Contact lenses are unquestionably ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle.

  • Better Eye Comfort

You may not enjoy the discomfort of glasses if you feel the weight on your nose or ears. Contact lenses give you more freedom and fewer physical restrictions. Moreover, even the most specific prescriptions can get customized contact lenses with power. There is a wide variety of vision correction lenses available on the market. Toric lenses are available for astigmatism, and multifocal contacts are available for those who need multiple prescriptions in one lens to correct blurry vision caused by presbyopia.

  • Wider Visual Access

Contact lenses with power sit comfortably on the eye’s curvature, providing a wider field of view and excellent focus than eyeglasses.Your lenses will not be affected by severe weather conditions such as fog and rain, and they will not steam up in hotter temperatures.Reflections and distortions that can occur with glasses will be eliminated, and you won’t have to worry about scratches to the lens that would otherwise necessitate the purchase of a new pair of spectacles.As a result, if you want a clearer field of vision, we recommend contact lenses.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Glasses can certainly enhance your appearance, but they can also get in the way, especially if you wear eye makeup.Whereas when it comes to contact lenses, you don’t have to compromise on your look at all. Be it a wedding function or just a casual day out when you want to ditch your glasses, contact lenses can be your best bet!

Know What’s Best For You

Whatever involves your vision is a crucial decision. Only you can fully know what’s the most suitable option for you. Now that you know all the benefits of contact lenses with power, we leave this decision to you. However, if you are looking to buy contact lenses online, make sure to only go for trusted brands like Bausch and Lomb, Ciba Vision, Air Optix and more. Reputable retailers like Titan Eyeplus make it all the more easier for you to shop for contact lenses online. With transparent pricing and great customer service, you can be assured to get authentic and reasonably priced products.

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