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Everything About Colored Contacts

There are different ways to express yourself from dressing up in a different outfit every day to changing your hairstyle every month. Another way is to use colored contacts from Cosplay Lens to enhance your current eye colour or to change it to a different colour depending on your desired appearance and fashion needs.

Several celebrities use them and contribute to their growing popularity. The good thing is you don’t need to be a celebrity to use colored contacts to change your looks. Educate yourself before making any decision. An essential step before trying out a new color is talking to your eye doctor. If you have been thinking about colored contacts, there are many options; therefore, learn about essential factors you should know about the colored contacts. Look at the tint in case you are considering colored contacts. It is always essential to note that these are medical devices and not just merely for fun. Prioritize your comfort and your vision. Check the tint that works best for you when you choose your colored contacts. To guide you through your eye entirely, look at these first tints which are available.

Opaque lenses give out an opaque tint that is non-transparent. The lenses completely change the color of your eye, and they work the best for people who have naturally dark eyes. Visibility is another factor to consider and lens with visibility tint have either a blue tint or a very light green tint applied to them. The tint is present to allow you to see the lens when putting them on and check them whether they are dropped. The color on visibility lenses is somewhat faint.


Colored contacts with an enhancement tint will bring out your natural eye color. The see-through shade is relatively darker than the visibility tint. Colored contacts will boost the color of your lighter eyes for a more intense look. Choosing the color that suits you well is not as easy as selecting your favorite color. You may think that a specific color will look great, but you may be wrong and end up looking different. Your hair color and skin tone are indicators of what you would like your colored contacts to be. Before settling on any color, think about how drastic and subtle you want the changes to be.

If you are interested in a subtle change, opt for enhancement lenses. They can deepen the tone of the natural eye color and also enhance the appearance around the corners of your iris. This route is perfect if you have eyes of a lighter color. In case you want a subtle color change, and you have eyes of a dark color, look at opaque tints of blue and brown color. You can also have a lighter version of your natural color. If you want something that turns heads and gets the attention of people right away, choose lenses that have a bold color. A violet or a deep blue color works great.


Colored contacts are available in different sizes like other regular contacts. It is vital to get the correct size for the sake of the health of your eyes and comfort; this is the main reason why a doctor should fit colored contacts for you. Colored contacts which are too loose will eventually slide around your eyes and probably fall out. A fixed lens may scratch the eye. With colored contacts, the need for the right size is essential because it may cause a strange appearance when the colored areas slide to a different position. Moreover, your pupil will change the size naturally depending on the level of light exposure and your surroundings. It is vital to wear contacts that give a perfect fit to keep your desired look and to maintain good vision.

Colored contacts are safe if only they are prescribed. It is crucial to understand that there is a possibility of infection if you buy them without any prescription and even unsafe. It is safe if you obtain your colored contacts through your eye doctor after an eye exam. Remember, treat these medical devices like you would a typical pair of vision-correcting colored contacts. Do not buy your contacts from any retailer who does not need a prescription. Try to avoid circle lenses or anime lenses since your doctor will not prescribe these.  If you are looking for contact lenses to aid you, you can visit this website

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