Posted on March 5, 2020 at 1:15 am

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Latest Pendant Sets That Can be Worn to all Occasions

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Sure, you got experience in shopping for accessories and jewelry. But finding that perfect and impeccable piece of jewelry that could be worn to almost all events isn’t that easy how it seems. Most women end up visiting all jewelry stores in their city only to discover that no pendant matched their standards.

Has it ever happened to you? Fret not! We have come up with some interesting pendant designs that look exceptionally gorgeous on all occasions. Whether it is your friend’s wedding ceremony or a corporate party at the office, you are going to rock the event with your simple yet a bit sophisticated necklace. Fortunately, all these designs come with a reasonable price tag. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the top pendant sets for women:

  • Black Pearl Pendant

Well, this charming yet simple pendant piece tops our list. It’s important to note that the black pearl isn’t black in color. The real color of the pearl could be green, blue, brown, and even purple. Only the Tahitian Pearls are pure black.

This pendant boasts an extremely incredible combo of dark green pearl with a pearlescent touch to them. As soon as the light hits the pendant, the pearl shining in the centre will turn into metallic green. Black Pearl pendant is a bit glossy with a matte tinge to it.

Pearl necklaces are already trending these days. But, a beautiful and pure black Tahitian pearl pendant is something that will bring you lots of compliments.

  • 3 Stone Heart-shaped Pendant silver and diamond

Don’t freak out! Just because it is a diamond, it won’t draw a huge hole in your pocket. This simple and elegant heart-shaped necklace is a perfect option for ladies searching for an out-of-the-box piece of jewelry.

The 3 stone heart-shaped pendant accompanied by beautiful diamonds will look incredibly stunning on you. You can either stick to the thin silver chain that the pendant comes attached to or pick some other chain. Either way, this heart-shaped pendant is all you need to catch everyone’s attention. Get this diamond pendant set for an affordable price online and be ready for all the wonderful compliments.

  • A Freshwater Pearl necklace

Nothing sounds more elegant and simple than a simple pearl necklace. Whether you like simplicity or prefer sophistication, a freshwater pearl necklace will never disappoint you. Wear this elegant pearl necklace to any event and show the perfect definition of traditional beauty.

What makes this necklace unique is the pearls that are extracted from the freshwater. The piece contains pure pearls that are filled with lustre and shine. The best part is that the price of the pure pearl necklace won’t break the bank. Basically, it looks like you have spent thousands of bucks on this freshwater necklace piece, while in reality it only costs you a few bucks. No matter what your style is, you can never go wrong with this piece of jewelry.

  • Personalized Gold Pendant

As much as difficult it seems to get a personalized gold necklace, it’s quite easy. You get a golden opportunity to choose 10 letters for this pendant. The letters you choose are then stunningly crafted in a special font and with brilliant calligraphy. You can even opt for a heart-shaped pendant in gold and have your name calligraphed inside the cute little heart.

However, it can make your design look a bit cluttered. So far, a personalized gold pendant is the best option for all necklace-lovers out there. It is simple, personalized, and elegant. You can even wear them to the office every day.


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