Posted on January 16, 2020 at 8:46 pm

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5 Websites to book health check-ups at affordable prices

A health checkup tells your ‘inside’ story. In a world full of hustle and bustle, one can’t afford to deal with any kind of health exertion. Therefore, an ordered health checkup is pertinent to a vigorous regime. But one might not be able to keep up with the check-up track. Don’t worry, in an era where you get everything in-hand with one click, regular health checkup isn’t a problem anymore.

There are ample health websites available at an affordable price which will assist you with an upright routine.




It is like one wish away platform that provides consultations, appointments as well as medicines at best deals and packages. Not only that, but you can also grab hospital packages at economical rates with Zoylo. There is a range of comprehensive health checkups available for the entire family-Zoylo Basic Health Checkup, Zoylo Full body Health Checkup, Zoylo Advance Health Checkup, and Zoylo Comprehensive health Checkup. Zoylo cares not only for you but for your family and pocket as well. With online health services available- get the preeminent and pertinent assistance by preferring your escort (Zoylo) and procure the best deals.


iCliniq is one of the top media consultation platforms since 2012. With a firm foot in more than 196 countries- it is entreated by more than 50,000 patients all over the world. With certified doctors aiding online, one can either consult doctors through video/phone calls or can directly upload the image of their report. A patient can ask questions up to 160 free character service.



WelcomeCure is a platform where you can get a cure in real-time at reasonable packages. There are almost 100 verified and true-blue doctors on this website who would love to suggest a cure for your untold ailments. WelcomeCure offers treatment at nominal price rates and within your means packages that last from three to five months.



Be it a dietician, dermatologist or Gynecologists- get consultation online with DoctorInsta. It is considered to be the best telehealth app. DoctorInsta has made it easy for patients to navigate from a problem to the cure just by giving a call or message. You can easily avail of the service by going on their site. Click on See a medical doctor now for a video consultation or Ask a free health question. Not only for patients, but this platform is also quite useful for business purposes as well as for practitioners aiming to flourish in their line.


HelloLyf is one more online means to access the doctor within a blink of an eye. HelloLyf based in Kolkata offers video consultation 24/7. They not only provide services regarding your physical health issues but also your mental health. Hop on their website and click on health play. Take a test and a result will pop-up on your screen suggesting whether you should consult a doctor regarding your mental health or not. HelloLyf priority is to get patients cured within minimal time and at affordable rates.


Liberate your diseases with Lybrate-Online health consultation. Lybrate is a way to acquire health checkup reports and services from more than 1,00,000 doctors. From health care to skin or women’s health- everything is available here. You can either book an appointment, consult online, ask question or book a lab test as well. Lybrate provides affordable and minimal budgets for regular health check-up services.

In conclusion, in a time where everything is transforming with the technology- why don’t you transmute your health-care routine and avail online services at minimum prices? With all the services available just one click away- one needs a guide to traverse the finest service in the town. You can use these websites which give a user-friendly interface that can be helpful in availing the best of medical facilities anytime with ease.



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