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Best Tips to Write a Film Analysis Essay

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Best Tips to Write a Film Analysis Essay

Writing a film analysis essay may seem daunting, especially if you have never done it before. Do not worry! Relax, take a deep breath, buy yourself your favorite caffeinated beverage Think about the start and don’t forget to end it effectively, and follow these steps to learn how to write a film analysis or have a look at tips at CustomEssayOrder on how to do it. 


  1. Think about Your Thoughts about the Movie

Engage critically with the film you want to analyze. Think about and focus on a concept or theme that dominates the film. For example, you can focus on how the film uses various devices such as overlapping dialogue or dramatic irony.

  1. Count Details

As you prepare to write your movie analysis paper, jot down the small (but necessary) details and their effects on the entire film. It is also recommended to use character counter with spaces to help you keep track of the words, characters, and sentences you use in a text.

  1. What Film Director Wanted to Say

Watch the film in its entirety to grasp what the director wanted to say. If you spend your first viewing re-watching segments, playing back, and pausing, you will not fully grasp the message the director intended to present.

  1. Read Review about the Movie

Before writing your film review, it is advisable to read some professionally written reviews. You can find such reviews on well-known magazines and newspapers such as The New Yorker, Rolling Stones, The New York Times,etc.

  1. Tell Your Ideas and Arguments

When you are writing your critical film analysis, you should be as honest with your arguments and ideas as possible. Donot allow any outside voice to alter how you feel about the film. Stick to your views and opinion throughout the entire writing process.

  1. Your Opinions and Conflicts

Films are not always all flash and no substance. Some films can tell an entertaining story that makes the viewer think about conflicting arguments and serious issues. Discuss the conflicting opinions within the context of the film itself.


  1. Analyze

If possible, write your film analysis next to a television with the movie at hand. If possible, you can also stay inside the theatre for a second or third viewing with a notepad at hand. Writing a powerful movie analysis is best accomplished when you do not have to rely on cinematic techniques, dialogue, or your memory of events.

  1. Your Proofs and Statements

Collecting your thoughts after a film can be chaotic. As such, you need to write down everything that struck your radar in order to evaluate what is necessary to convey to the reader. Being precise in your analysis and incorporating specific examples from the film to support your statements is crucial.

  1. Find Details No One Mentioned Before

You cannot know everything about a film just by viewing it. Investigate the background, and you will discover interesting facts that can decorate your review – making it more captivating for readers. Mention details about the difficulties faced by the production team, the process of shooting, and other curiosities.

  1. Induce the Audience to Discuss the Movie

Induce the audience by involving them in the discussion. By involving the audience in the discussion, they are likely to be more captivatedby your film review, thus fetching you a high grade.

  1. Be Ready For Critics

After writing your film review, be prepared to receive criticism. Some will be positive; some will be negative, but, learn from the feedback you have received and take the necessary measures to improve your skill.

  1. Your Explanation of Movie Essay

To understand what the movie means and write an explanation in your movie analysis essay, you must be familiar with the major concepts of cinematic structure. Some components are scene composition, shot structure, and camera placement.

  1. Current and Historical Events

When writing your film analysis, you should think about historical and current events. Often, themes displayed in movies are associated with various events. By thinking about historical and current events, you can better understand the film.

  1. Learn History Properly about the Movie

For instance, if you are analyzing a horror film, conduct research on the historyof this genre and gain a deeper understanding of about the tricks and techniques that famous horror film directors use. This will help you draft an informative movie analysis essay.

  1. Introduction

A film analysis follows a standard film analysis essay outline which starts with the introduction. Your introductory paragraph must include essential information about the film: release date, director’s name, genre, and title. You can also include the budget and the box office, the cast members, and the awards. In addition to the essential information, you must include a thesis in the introduction.

  1. Summary

Compose a brief plot summary. Describe two or three major events but do not reveal the ending. Avoid “spoilers” because your reader will lose interest if you destroy the suspense.

  1. Analysis

Each paragraph of your media analysis essay should focus on one element that you consider significant in the film. You should also be careful with the terminology because your film analysis should not look like a crossword.

  1. Conclusion

In your conclusion, remind your reader about the elements in the film that impressed you the most. Add some recommendations and specify which audience the film will be most interesting to. Your conclusion is your last chance to convince your reader, so make it interesting.



We believe that the best way to explain how to analyze a film is to provide you with a film analysis essay example. Below we have provided an excellent film analysis example which will help you get a gist of what film analysis essays entail. With the example and the steps provided above, we are confident that you will be able to write a stellar film analysis essay. Good Luck!

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