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How to Write a Review on a Movie

How to Write a Review on a Movie

Writing a movie review is an excellent way of expressing your thoughts about a movie. The purpose of a movie review is to help the reader decide whether they want to rent, watch, or buy the movie. The review should provide enough details about the movie so that the reader can come to a decision, without giving away important aspects of the movies such as plot or highlights. Below connoisseurs from provide you everything you need to know about writing a film review essay. Before beginning eat properly brain food for study. Here we go:

  1. Review of Structure

The standard structure of a movie review consists of:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body Paragraphs
  3. Conclusion


  1. Introduction

The first paragraph of a movie review is the introduction. The introduction contains a brief overview of the movie and the main argument that will be proved in the body of the paper. The introduction needs to be captivating so as to capture the reader’s attention. This can be achieved by starting with a hook which in this case can be a quote or surprising fact from the movie. When your introduction is appealing, the reader will be captivated and want to delve deeper into the review.

After opening with a hook and providing a brief overview of the movie, briefly state what you will discuss in the review and proceed to write the thesis. Make sure that your thesis is original and based on the review. Your thesis should also be compelling and reflect on a modern issue. After writing your thesis, you can follow it up with a plot summary. Finally, wrap up the introduction by providing an overview of what will be entailed in the body paragraphs.


  1. Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs cover the accomplishments and short comings within the movie and also provide a chance for the writer to express their feelings and opinions towards it. The soundtrack, setting, acting, and cinematography can also be discussed in this section. Make sure that each paragraph flows seamlessly into the next. For the review to appear professional and realistic, present opinions and facts and use specific examples from the movie to give the review credibility.

If you were not impressed with the movie, provide specific facts as to why you were unimpressed, include details, and do the same if you were impressed. To give snappiness to your review, quote dialogue snippets. You can also make your review more interesting by giving the language you use some personality. By doing so, you will create a style that will reflect a unique perspective to intrigue the reader.


Recommendation – Even though it is not a standard requirement for a movie review, the recommendation can also be included after the body paragraphs. The recommendation provides a chance for the writer to commend the movie and state whether it is worth the money or not.


  1. Conclusion

Many students do not know how to end a movie review. It is not that complicated! Make your movie review look logical and complete by writing a clear conclusion that supports your thesis. You should bear in mind that the main reason why the reader is reading a review is to decide whether she or he should rent, buy, or watch a film. So, your conclusion should provide an answer to this question.


  1. Proofreading

The only way a review is perfected is through editing. Fine tune the movie review to make sure that it corresponds with the thesis. Make sure that your claims are backed up by specific examples from the movie. You must also proofread your review to eliminate any spelling and grammar errors that can take away from an otherwise stellar review. Movie reviews need to be precise and error-free.

When proofreading, pay attention to the following:

  • Check your work for originality;
  • Ensure that your review does not contain spoilers;
  • Check your review for compliance with the set requirements;
  • Confirm that you have used the correct review format

You can find a movie review essay sample to simplify the proofreading process. Once you have discovered any errors in your review, edit your text until you are pleased with the final product.



Writing a movie review requires you to pay attention to many things, not to mention, it can take more time compared to writing an essay because it requires you to sit down and watch a movie. Making your movie review flawless is important. As such, you should go through a sample movie review for students to get a gist of what they entail and end it in a proper way as good beginning makes a good ending.

You cannot give up on your movie review assignment because doing so can harm your overall grade. Thus, even the smallest paper should be done to perfection if you are seeking academic excellence.

The structure we have provided above serves as a basic guideline to write your movie review. Follow it closely, and you will be able to write a powerful review of your own. We have also provided a movie review example which you can examine and see how the structure is planned out.

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