Posted on November 17, 2017 at 3:59 pm

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Architecture Meets Fashion with Oceedee’s homage to Iraqi-British Architect Zaha Hadid

Luxury footwear brand, Oceedee has announced its Fall 2017 Collection. The collection pays homage to the ‘Queen of the Curve’, Iraqi-British architect – Zaha Hadid. The inspiration celebrates the groundbreaking contribution of Zaha Hadid’s extraordinary work in the architectural landscape and extended vision in modern design, art and culture.

Oceedee's Fall 2017 Collection
Oceedee’s Fall 2017 Collection

Keeping up with the uncanny spirit of her curvaceous and dramatic designs, the collection sees Oceedee creating a new bespoke range in autumnal shades of blue, black, green, red, rose gold, pink, grey and silver. The impressive range of heels, sandals, flats, and oxford shoes comes in vivid art-style patterns. Lines, in the form of delicate straps, converge, then diverge rhythmically and dramatically conceal and reveal parts of the foot.

With Zaha Hadid’s commitment to innovation with the fluid, sweeping lines of gravity-defying buildings, this year’s fall collection by the brand is simple yet futuristic.

Check out the collection here:

A pioneer in re-inventing themselves with each new collection, Oceedee’s Fall 2017 range is a classic example of where art meets fashion. The styles are simple, stylish and ageless; an interrelation of the 2004 Pritzker Architecture Prize winner’s work, which is highly expressive with sweeping fluid forms of multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry that evoke the chaos and flux of modern life.

Key styles for the season include:

Zaha – designed to shape your gait transitioning perfectly from day to night.

Lilium – featuring soft curves and multiple straps, the stilettos are perfect for an evening look.

Nicosia – made in genuine leather, these pointed toe-lace up heels are styled with a curvy topline to give your feet the perfect grip.

Oceedee shoes are handcrafted, using the age-old techniques passed down through generations of artisan shoemakers. Each shoe is meticulously crafted using the fine leathers sourced from India combining the beautiful sole, which is hand cut to attain perfection.

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