Posted on November 17, 2017 at 3:25 pm

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Rishikesh Ingley: I receive a lot of hate messages for my character of Balwinder

Actor Rishikesh Ingley, who plays Balwinder in Shakti..Astitav Ki Ehsaas Ki, says that he has been getting a great response for his role. The actor’s character has a negative shade and he adds that he is enjoying playing the role.

Rishikesh Ingley
Rishikesh Ingley

“For a negative character, it is very important to create hatred for the character in the audience through your performance. I received a lot of hate messages on social media for my character in Shakti, so that means I have been doing well,”

he says.

He shares a great rapport with his co-actor Vivian Dsena. He says,

“I have been friends with Vivian since the last 8 years and I must say that stardom has not changed him at all. He is still fun to be with, humble and down to earth. He is a great co-actor.”

As a newcomer, Rishikesh says that he has learnt a lot from his wife Supriya Kumari. Plus the show has taught him a lot.

“I have been blessed with a fantastic unit and great co-actors. Indeed her experience and guidance really helped. As a newcomer, it’s difficult as you learn through your experience however it was relatively easy for me due to Supriya’s guidance.”

Talking about the challenges he faced, speaking in Hindi was one of them.

“I had a problem with my Hindi diction and in order to improve my Hindi, I started reading Hindi books and newspaper, which I read even now. Also for an actor, it is very important to read books.”

Ask him if he has any advice for other newcomers, and he says,

“I am still a newcomer so I won’t be able to advise but you need to have patience to get right kind of work.”

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