Posted on May 11, 2017 at 6:46 am

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Fashion Conversations With Mom

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On the occasion of Mother’s Day, this year, FilterCopy the flagship channel of Pocket Aces collaborates with Lifestyle, and releases yet another humorous video titled Fashion conversations with MomLifestyle – your style your store, features a massive selection of great products from hundreds of leading national and international brands.

Featuring in the video are the mother-daughter duo from ‘If parents behaved like us’Sheeba Chadda and Aisha Ahmed, which went on to become one of FilterCopy’s most successful videos which garnered about 113k reactions, 18k comments and 9.1 million views on Facebook in just 120 hours along with over 314k  views and 12k likes on YouTube. Sheeba was last seen in a cameo in ‘Raees’ and Aisha is a regular in several FilterCopy videos.

The video hilariously portrays a mother and daughter’s conversations and arguments around millennial fashion trends – be it the ripped jeans, off-shoulder tops or boyfriend shirts. This video gives a sneak-peak into the plethora of new-age clothing with a humorous take on how mother’s react and reluctantly accept their kids’ fashion choices, albeit with amusement or ridicule.


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