Posted on May 11, 2017 at 6:20 am

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Aniruddh Dave: I Will Miss The Innocence Of Y.A.R.O

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Popular show ‘Y.A.R.O’ is going off air and actor Aniruddh Dave is sad for obvious reasons. When asked about his overall experience in the show Dave says:

“The experience has been a great one and I feel I am blessed that I got a character that was quite challenging and not everyone tries doing such characters. In my career I have always been looking and doing a performance-oriented role.”


Interestingly after doing this show Aniruddh has found a new fan base in kids. He said:

“Yes, there have been many young fans and kids as they just love the show. I recently visited Lucknow for an event and there were around 8000 kids, I visited many schools and felt nostalgic. From time to time kids do send me different t-shirts and pictures that they create with the character’s logo and designs. The young fans are gone crazy and that could be seen on Instagram and Twitter. Kids have given me immense love for Y.A.R.O and I will always cherish this.”

When asked what he will miss the most from ‘Y.A.R.O’, he said:

“I will miss the innocence of Y.A.R.O and the ambiances on the set with the actors are very nice. The readings and the systematic rehearsals and the way Y.A.R.O worked in the show were so nice I feel if a human can become like that character than things would be much better and that experience is something that I would miss.”


Talking on his future plans Aniruddh adds:

“The plans and wishes are never ending. If asked what my plans would be I would say if I am a good actor and I get a character that is performance oriented I would be honored to do it. Any role that I have something different and has something that can be worked well I won’t say I am choosy but yes I would say there’s a circumference to every character and if you do that well that will be the victory of that character and the actor.”

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