Posted on March 14, 2015 at 11:59 pm

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Product Review – Mirenesse iCurl Secret Weapon 24 Hour mascara

Mirenesse is an award winning Australian makeup brand that I recently came across. I decided to try their iCurl Secret Weapon 24HR mascara and I have to say I actually really like it.

Mirenesse Secret Weapon iCurl 24Hr mascara
Mirenesse Secret Weapon iCurl 24Hr mascara

The claims that Mirenesse makes for this mascara are:

  • 24 hour wear
  • Curl lift memory formula holds curls
  • iCurl sculptor brush lifts lashes
  • Removes easily with warm water

I applied the mascara without curling my lashes and it definitely gave a nice lift and curl to my lashes. The brush is a crescent moon shape and is good for curling and getting to all the individual lashes. I had the mascara on for 8 hours and did not experience any smudging or flaking. My lashes also stayed curled, so the mascara is definitely long-lasting. This is a great mascara for a daytime look. It gives a nice wide eyed look by separating, lengthening and lifting your lashes, however, the only downside is that there is no volume, regardless of how much you try to build up the mascara. I typically use makeup remover wipes to remove my makeup and then wash my face, but I decided to try to wash out the mascara with warm water to see if the claim is true and it was easy to get off with warm water, but there is a slight residue so I would recommend using a face wash or makeup remover when removing this mascara.

Final verdict: 7/10