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Love.  Love is that universal emotion that is celebrated by all. It doesn’t matter what background you are from. It doesn’t matter what your age may be, nor does it matter what your size is. Everyone wants it and is looking for it. The question remains, where do you find it? Do you find it in a book, in your home, or online? In all honesty, no one knows this answer. However, what everyone can agree upon is definitely this. When you feel that special feeling inside for someone, it’s definitely love.

Times have certainly changed from the days of our grandparents where they saw each other, their eyes met and so simply they fell in love. So simply, they would quietly write letters to one another confessing their love for one another in hopes their love was reciprocated. And more-so, with one hope they would be able to live a life together. This feeling still remains the same with so few people simply because of a fear that their dream of finding love can be shattered. While there is a rare chance of meeting that special person in a bar/club, there are other ways you can meet your Mr. or Mrs. Right. Use your hobbies as a way of meeting people. If you enjoy food, try joining a cooking class where you not only will learn how to cook your favorite dishes, but you might just meet some new friends. If you enjoy watching sports, watch the games in a local sports bar and make friends with the bar tender. If you are lucky and strike the right cord, they sometimes let you in on who’s who and when singles come to watch games. Something which I have discovered recently is joining a Single Professionals Networking group. Each month, a group called IMG (Indus Marketing Group) organizes an event called, “Indus Tuesdays.” “Indus” as it is commonly called by South Asians is held on one chosen Tuesday of each month in a new location in Manhattan. The first two hours of their events are somewhat of an extended “cocktail hour” with passed hors d’oeuvres at many events, drink specials, and low music conducive to business networking and making new connections. While, some might be pessimistic in their thinking, I believe it is always best to go out and be a bit social. Hey! You never know if that conversation over a glass of wine may linger to exchanging of digits and can lead further.

Technology has certainly been helping everyone find love, lost or new. If you are a part of the newer generation who would prefer using technology to find love, try turning to a matchmaking site such as Before you jump into using a matchmaking site, there are three important factors to consider:

1) What are you REALLY looking for? Love? Marriage? Or Love into Marriage? When creating your profile you should let others know your real intentions. It helps to be clear of what you really want out of a relationship. These days it’s really hard to meet someone who will be honest with you, why not take that first step and be honest about what it is YOU want? Why waste someone else’s time playing silly games? Be Real!

2) What are your finances looking like? Can you afford the plans offered by these sites or not? Again, I will use as an example, because I am on it myself. Most sites offer an option for users to use their site for three months for a small fee. Match offers sending matches a “wink” and email. However, no matter what service you use, I would STRONGLY advise you to keep an eye on your account as to when your three-month period is up so you are not charged extra per month. Each site includes a help line to ask questions about charges to your account, or if you choose to close it, what hidden fees are included. Remember, before signing up, call and ask for information. Operators are extremely helpful in giving information.

3) What do the statistics of these sites say? How many success stores have they had? DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!! See what site works best not just based on their success stores are but through word-of-mouth. If you don’t know how your friends met their significant others, ask them! Chances are, they have met through matchmaking sites. I too have had friends who met their husbands on matrimonial sites AND other matchmaking sites as well. In fact, I have a cousin who met her husband through a matrimonial site, who ironically, ended up going to the same college as her brother-in-law. Research the creators of the sites and the married couples of the success stories. (What do you think Google was created for?!) As the saying goes, “Before jumping into the water, check the temperature.” Meaning, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!

Look, like many of you, I am also still single and looking for love and most importantly, my Mr. Right. Finding love certainly seems tedious and it definitely has felt like it will take an eternity to find it. However, I guarantee that love is out there. There is a perfect match for all of us. It’s a matter of putting yourself out there and more importantly not giving up. I certainly will not give up and I hope none of you do, too!

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