Posted on November 7, 2023 at 12:49 am


Somy Ali requests toys, gift cards for No More Tears’ upcoming holiday party!

Actress Somy Ali runs a US based NGO called No More Tears, through which she helps save and rehabilitate victims of domestic abuse and rape, especially women and children. She took to Instagram to remind her followers of her NGO’s upcoming holiday party and requested age-appropriate toy and gift card-donations.


Photo Courtesy Somy Ali Team
Photo Courtesy Somy Ali Team


“I wanted to remind you that December is approaching soon and we have our holiday party every December, every year. This has been a tradition since No More Tears was initiated in 2007. So, I request you all to please send us toys, for teenage kids, we prefer Target Walmart gift cards for our teenagers because obviously they are not interested in toys. We help children until the age of 17. So, keep in mind that our youngest victim was 2 years old. And she was being sold on the dark web by her parents because they were addicted to drugs. I want you know that there is a lot of human trafficking on the rise, there is a lot of suicide rates on the rise right now,” she said.

She added,

“We have so many children who have been trafficked. They have been victims of sexual and physical abuse. We have our LGBTQ community, who have been thrown out by their own families, be it in America or in India or in Saudi Arabia or Palestine or Israel or wherever, Pakistan, Kashmir. Any country you name it, wherever our LGBTQ brothers and sisters need help, I am there as the founder and a hands-on, in field victim advocate working with them as well as our board of directors, who receive no salaries, nor do I, and we are there to help them.”

She also said,

“So my video today is for this purpose that people donate as many toys as you can, our holiday party is in December. And the reason it’s called a Holiday party is because we have children of all faiths, and lack thereof, we also have families that are atheist, that are agnostic, that are believers, non-believers we do not discriminate. We are apolitical and areligious.”

She also went on to talk about how the toys must be unused and age appropriate.

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