Posted on June 13, 2023 at 5:40 am


Somy Ali’s No More Tears fundraiser was a rocking affair!

Actress Somy Ali’s US-based NGO No More Tears held their annual fundraiser recently. The gala ceremony was a successful affair, says Somy, adding that they raised a substantial amount.


Photo Courtesy Somy Ali Team
Photo Courtesy Somy Ali Team


“The fundraiser was nothing short of spectacular. The attendees learned a great deal of statistics when it comes to human trafficking and domestic violence. Many people are not aware that every eight blocks in Miami someone is being trafficked. Which was quite an eye-opener for our guests/donors,” she says.

She adds,

“We raised a substantial amount of funds which will enable us to sustain till May of 2024. Then we will have another fundraising event. We are planning to do as many as we can which will help us rescue more victims and transform them into survivors.”

Talking about her speech, she says,

“My speech consisted of seeing horror stories on a daily basis, but this fundraising turns the horror stories into extraordinarily happy endings. I always talk about two paths one can take when they have suffered immense abuse: One is that of self-destruction by numbing the pain with drugs and alcohol while the other is to help others get out of the plight I suffered many times. That’s been my healing and people understand that this is my sole purpose of existence. This is what brings me joy as well as changes many lives in a drastic manner.”

The funds will be used for the victims of domestic violence, says Somy.

“Every dollar raised will go towards saving more lives and reuniting trafficked women, children, and men with their families in their home countries which is primarily India. The attendees love No More Tears because no one takes a salary and we do not put victims on waiting lists. We provide immediate assistance and in a matter of three, they are transformed into survivors from victims. Thanks to our therapists and the other services we provide.”

She adds,

“If it weren’t for this Annual Gala and the attendees donating and bidding on silent auctions NMT wouldn’t sustain. Hence, saying I am grateful to the donors and our gala committee is an understatement. People can always donate by going NoMoreTearsUSA.Org.”


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