Posted on June 5, 2023 at 2:03 am

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Somy Ali’s No More Tears gears up for annual fundraiser

Actress Somy Ali’s US based NGO No More Tears is all set to have their annual fundraiser in June. No More Tears, that seeks to help victims of domestic violence and rape, has helped innumerable women and children over the years, and continues to do so. The fundraiser will be held on the 7th of June. It has been initiated by a regular monthly donor, Daniela Frewa, who formed a committee of women who are the top Miami movers and shakers to plan and organize this event.


Photo Courtesy Somy Ali Team
Photo Courtesy Somy Ali Team


This is the 7th edition of the event and guests can look forward to an evening of delicious cocktails, delectable bites, and dancing at Bagatelle Miami.

Ms. Erin Newberg (the chair of the gala committee), Ms. Cristina Scarano, an entertainment lawyer for BBC and several top-notch TV shows, Ms. Lauren Walsh and many hyper-intellectual women of Miami, who have absolutely no spare time with their own businesses, have yet put their hearts and souls into the planning, organizing the event. They have tirelessly struggled to get the right sponsors, arrange the alcohol, food, and make sure that the cream of the crop of all of Miami are present.

“NMT’s life depends on this larger than life event and which also means that actual lives of victims are contingent solely due to the success of this event. With this annual the fund we receive through ticket sales and silent auctions, helps NMT continue its work not just locally or nationally, but internationally where we have the wherewithal to help victims in India and many others from Latin American countries where domestic violence ranks extremely high and is a norm like it is Southeast Asia,” says Somy.

People from around the world can contribute as well, she says, adding,

“Many people from various countries who are unable to fly to Miami to attend the event purchase tickets online via our website or make a significant donation. This in itself is extremely helpful. Here is the link to buy tickets for our event:”

She says,

“I just want to wholeheartedly thank these ladies because I am not the least bit involved in the planning or the organizing aspect of this larger-than-life event. If it weren’t for these committee women, NMT would be non-existent and my dreams and purpose would literally be demolished. Thus, myself and the victims owe everything to these women because it is only because of them that this magic happens. We always have at least one survivor share her/his story of how NMT rescued them, what abuse they endured and above all, how much their life has changed because of NMT’s services. It’s my favorite time of the year when we have this gala/fundraiser because I simply show up and these women have worked tirelessly to keep NMT alive. A simple thank you is not enough to appreciate their time and hard work. I will never be able to give back how much this committee has given and continue doing for NMT.”

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