Posted on November 11, 2023 at 1:31 am

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Exclusive: Bajao actor Addinath Kothare on his ideal way of celebrating Diwali: Diwali is a time for coming together with family and close friends

Addinath Kothare has impressed the audience with his work in various shows and films. He has worked on hit television shows, films, and was recently seen in successful series such as ‘City of Dreams’ and ‘Bajao’. The actor opens up on what Diwali means to him, and how he likes to celebrate the festival.


Photo Courtesy Addinath Kothare Team
Photo Courtesy Addinath Kothare Team


Talking about what he thinks is the best way to celebrate the festival, Addinath says,

“Diwali is a time for coming together with family and close friends, making it a wonderful occasion to spend quality time with loved ones.”

The actor shares that this is exactly how he will be celebrating the day, and looks forward to having some fun with his daughter Jiza,

“I’m grateful that I won’t be working this Diwali and can instead spend time with my family and my daughter. We’ve decided not to burst crackers due to pollution concerns. My daughter Jiza loves phol bhaji, and I enjoy playing with her. One of the most exciting aspects of Diwali is the delicious Diwali Faral my mom prepares – it’s something I always look forward to. I’ll make sure to do more cardio to burn off all the sweets I’ll indulge in.”

Addinath says his favourite part of Diwali is all the sweet treats that come with the festival! He shares,

“I’m a huge food enthusiast and have a sweet tooth. My mom is a master at making Diwali Faral. She prepares baked karanji, dhodi halwa, soye, and besan ka ladoo that are absolutely outstanding. Just talking about it is making my mouth water!

The Supreme Court has restricted the use of fireworks, and Addinath welcomes the decision saying it is the best way to balance responsibility and celebration. He says,

“I will strictly abide by the rules of the government this Diwali.”

As Diwali is the time for festivities and enjoyment, Addinath Kothare emphasises the importance of being responsible while doing so! The actor wishes everyone a Happy Diwali!

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