Posted on August 4, 2023 at 5:11 am

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Avinash Sachdev reveals most heartwarming reason about backing out from heated debate with Abhishek Malhan

Avinash Sachdev is playing a fab game and there’s no doubt that despite being targeted so much he always deals with everything with so much maturity. Earlier Abhishek Malhan and Avinash Sachdev got into a nasty argument because they were rooting for different players in the game. In the task, Abhishek has frequently observed age-shaming Avinash!

Photo courtesy Avinash team
Photo courtesy Avinash team

He also threw the boxes and pearls during the task and went on to age-shame Avinash highlighting that he is a ‘37-year old.’ Well Avinash didn’t take it and gave it back to him by reminding him that one day even he will be 37 and there’s no need to highlight this again and again.

Well the actor recently opened up on backing out from one of the heated conversations with Abhishek. He then further went on to explain him why did he do it and the reason is so heartwarming.


In the video Avinash can be seen explaining him that during family week when Abhishek Malhan and his mother were sitting alone with Avinash. Abhishek’s mother told them please don’t do this, after which Avinash asked her what you didn’t like?. After which Abhishek’s mother replied “I didn’t like the way he was constantly age shaming you by saying ‘36 ka hai’ and all”.


After giving him the reason, Avinash then revealed backing out from their recent heated conversation because of his mother.. And his mother’s words made him back out, resulting him not being a part of doesn’t wants to be a part of this ugly cycle.


Well, regardless the actor is a true gentleman and he is winning hearts with his utmost maturity and determination!

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