Posted on July 14, 2023 at 4:41 am

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Karishma Raj Soni one her gender-neutral make-up brand

Karishma Raj Soni is all set to launch flagship stores of her makeup brand ‘Noor’ in London, Paris and Dubai. The actor, model and entrepreneur is leaving no stone unturned to offer the best not just to women but men as well. She wants it to be a gender-neutral, special experience for all.


Photo Courtesy Karishma Raj Soni Team
Photo Courtesy Karishma Raj Soni Team


 “I always wanted to launch a makeup brand, it was my dream. By God’s grace it’s finally happening. And, I am excited to be able to fulfil the dream through Noor. We chose London and Dubai and Paris for the flagship stores because they are the countries which are number one when it comes to fashion, luxury and style. I’ll be going to London soon and sign my papers for the store. It’s a big flagship store I’m opening there, following Paris and Dubai. We’ve got a very good, very big story coming up in Dubai,” she shares.

Talking more about her brand she adds,

“Noor means the divine light of almighty. So of course it’s an Arabic word and Noor is connected to the UAE, the Arabic people. I think Noor is a gift for them on Eid, this September. I always planned it around the people of Arab because the products are non-alcoholic and are pure and they are Namazi also, which means while you’re praying five times being Muslim, you can use these products. You can also use it while Vazu because they don’t have any alcohol. So yes that’s what Noor is all about.

Interestingly, Noor will also have a number of skincare products for men.

“We are doing the men’s range for the first time. Most leading top brands do not have a proper range for men. So basically like actors or anyone, when they want to use a foundation, they either have to go and buy a top brand and use a woman’s foundation, Or a concealer, but not anymore,” she smiles.

Noor has a range of foundations and concealers for men, among other things.

“These products are different from those meant for women in texture, quality of the base etc. We’re quite excited to do this. We will also have hair perfumes for men, which is a very important product. These hair perfumes are completely non-chemical and do not damage the hair, and at the same time makes it feel fresh,” she says.

“Even for women we are making hair perfume,” she continues, “If you don’t wash your hair for three days and use the hair perfume you do not need to wash your hair, your hair doesn’t get oily, you don’t feel heavy over your head. So we bring some really different kinds of things via Noor. We are looking forward to hitting the market in September this year. We are launching a lot of different kinds of products which are not there in leading brands around the world. We want to make people beautiful outside so that they feel good within.”

The business is in collaboration with businessman Rohit Sharma. Karishma talks about it and also on the kind of response that they are expecting.

“I’m very happy to tie up with Rohit Sharma. He is a dear friend and we’ve come up with this idea together. We’ve worked very hard for it for the last few years. It took a lot of effort to take care of every single detail. I’ve studied a lot, I’ve been to the Italy fair also for makeup, I’ve done some classes as well. So we are here to hit the market and hope that by the grace of God we make a place for ourselves in the market too. We hope that everyone buys the product, enjoy using it. We have come up with a top notch quality and taking care, being cautious and it is about skin. We have a good team in place who is looking after all that,” she shares.

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