Posted on July 14, 2023 at 4:31 am

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Gauna Ek Pratha – A Riveting Tale of Love, Sacrifice, and Resilience launched!

The fusion of Indian rituals and television shows has proven to be a successful combination, with many series centered around various traditions. However, one ritual that has been under the carpet is Gauna – a significant Hindu ritual that encompasses the consummation of marriage, still observed in the corners of India. Now, Shemaroo Umang has taken the baton to shed light on the subject with its upcoming show Gauna Ek Pratha. The family drama starring Krutika Desai as Gehna, Rohit Purohit as Gaurav, and Pravati Sehgal as Urvashi in the lead role premiered on 10th  July 2023 at 9.30 pm.


Photo Courtesy Gauna Ek Pratha Team
Rohit Purohit and Krutika Desai   Photo Courtesy Gauna Ek Pratha Team


Producer Yash Patnaik (Inspire Films) says,

“Gauna Ek Pratha is an interesting show we have created for Shemaroo Umang, keeping in mind the market it caters to. It’s a beautiful story set against the backdrop of Bihar. Gehna, played by Krutika Desai, Gaurav played by Rohit Purohit and Urvashi played by Parvati Sehgal represent different emotions and objectives. Gehna is a determined village girl who travels to bring her childhood love Gaurav back from Patna. But between her and Gaurav stands Gaurav’s boss Urvashi, who has started falling for him”.

The story of Gauna Ek Pratha follows the journey of Gehna and Gaurav, childhood sweethearts whose lives take a turn when Gaurav leaves their small town to pursue his dreams in the city, leaving Gehna behind. Determined to find her husband, Gehna embarks on a quest that leads her to encounter Urvashi, a woman who adds further complexities to their lives. As their paths intertwine, a shocking secret comes to light, challenging Gehna’s unwavering belief in their future together. Will Gehna’s love and Gaurav’s aspirations find a delicate equilibrium? Find out on Shemaroo Umang from 10th July.

A scrumptious cake was cut on the sets of the show. The cast and crew watched the show together. The buzz for the show is quite good. A poignant tale of love, trust, and friendship, Gauna Ek Pratha features Krutika Desai, Rohit Purohit, Parvati Sehgal,  Papiya Sengupta, Nishikant Dixit, and Namrata Kapoor. Watch ‘Gauna Ek Pratha’ on Shemaroo Umang. Every Monday to Saturday, starting at 9:30 PM, be captivated by the compelling performances and gripping storyline.

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