Posted on July 24, 2023 at 2:30 am

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Avinash Sachdev’s team releases statement against Elvish Yadav’s fans for mentally harassing the latter’s loved ones!

Actor Avinash Sachdev is one of the finest actors of our times. The actor has always kept his life private, but people who know him are aware that he is quite intellectual and adventurous.

Photo courtesy Avinash team
Photo courtesy Avinash team

The actor is currently playing a fan game in the Bigg Boss OTT house. And it’s clear to say that he is the most unfiltered and witty personality in the Bigg Boss house.

Recently the actor proved himself as one of the most entertaining and versatile contestant playing his finest game despite being nominated. The audience has clearly witnessed the way he is getting provoked and targeted ever since Elvish Yadav came in as wild contestant!

But Avinash being the man he is, has held his head high and has been playing sportingly against everyone who are trying to pull him down. But this doesn’t end here, whatever happens in the house is entirely based on the game, the contestants decide to play.

After playing the game with so much dignity, the actor and his loved ones, and everyone associated to him are being targeted mercilessly by fans of opponents. From abusing him to giving threats, they have crossed all boundaries.

While the actor is in the house, his team shared of what’s happening behind the scenes and the kind of hatred Avinash. Everyone associated to him are receiving with proofs!

Sharing a video, they captioned it,

“It’s great to idolise someone, but no one would want their followers and fans to spread hatred and negativity in such a manner. These so called fans have crossed all the set boundaries and gone ahead to call Avinash’s Family , Friends and Team names in the most absurd language possible. Death and Rape threats have been made to his closed ones. A game needs to be played like a game and a gentleman with values would know that. We understand Social media is a platform where people are free to express their opinions but this isn’t normal. This is toxic. This is emotional and a mental harassment. We are sure once your idol is out of the house he won’t be happy seeing how his followers have supported him by brutality cursing and threatening people looking at this. THIS NEEDS TO STOP”.


Well! Game is Game and everyone will eventually move past it eventually. There’s a huge difference in being a hardcore fan and being an obsessive bully.

Harassing people Mehta and threatening them in name of being a fan is an act of shame! And we are definitely better than this. Well the actor has been playing quite well and garnering love from the audience. He has managed to garner the spotlight since his participation in the reality show. It will be interesting to see what else unfolds for him in the Bigg Boss house.

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