Posted on June 27, 2023 at 3:46 am

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Samarth Shandilya Dazzles as Director in Upcoming Music Video ‘Tere Naal’

Rana Naidu actor Samarth Shandilya recently opened up about his much-anticipated music video ‘Tere Naal‘. The song, sung by the renowned Juggy D, is already creating quite a buzz among music enthusiasts, and fans are eagerly waiting for its release.


Photo Courtesy Samarth Shandilya Team
Photo Courtesy Samarth Shandilya Team


In an exclusive interview, Samarth Shandilya shared his excitement about the project and shed light on the collaborative effort that went into making the music video a reality. He expressed his gratitude towards his friends from the entertainment industry who joined him in this creative endeavor. Samarth said,

“Tere Naal features many of my friends from the entertainment industry like Sahil Khattar, Purav Jha, Gaurav Pandey, Shahab THESPIAN, Deepak Kalra, Vaishnavi Andhale, and many more! All of them came onboard with just one call—for the love of me and Juggy paaji’s music!”

The music video for ‘Tere Naal‘ promises to be a visual treat for the audience, as it was shot in multiple locations around the world. Samarth Shandilya revealed,

“We have shot this song in London, Dubai, Delhi, Bangalore, Punjab, Mumbai!” The diverse settings will not only add depth to the video but also showcase the global appeal of the song.

Samarth’s dual role as director and producer in ‘Tere Naal‘ will highlight his versatility and creative prowess. The project allowed him to explore different aspects of his artistic abilities and bring his vision to life. The collaboration with Juggy D, a renowned singer, adds an extra layer of musicality and ensures a captivating experience for the viewers.

With Samarth Shandilya at the helm, ‘Tere Naal’ promises to be a mesmerizing combination of music, visuals, and storytelling. Fans can expect a high-energy, visually stunning music video that showcases the camaraderie and talent of the actors involved. As anticipation builds up, the release of ‘Tere Naal’ is set to create waves in the music industry and further establish Samarth Shandilya’s presence as a multifaceted artist.

Music enthusiasts and fans of Samarth and Juggy D will have to stay tuned for the official release of the music video ‘Tere Naal,’ as it is sure to captivate and entertain audiences worldwide.

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