Posted on June 27, 2023 at 3:34 am

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Check out who Anurag Desiworldwide has teamed up with for his new track

With lot of dedication and perseverance Anurag Desiworldwide gained ample of limelight in the music industry is far from the most challenging feat that Anurag has had to overcome in his lifetime, not only has he had to learn a completely different language off the zone but he has gone through the everyday struggles that almost ninety nine percent people do as well.


Photo Courtesy Anurag Desiworldwide Team
Photo Courtesy Anurag Desiworldwide Team


He knows what it’s like to take heat from strangers on the internet to be made fun of for doing something you’re passionate about or to have no one support your dreams. These situations are all too real in all of our everyday lives that it makes it easy to relate to Anurag as you listen to his rap.

Rapper Anurag Desiworldwide on collaboration this Year with Wakhra swag Singer Nav Inder when spoke to Anurag he says,

“I am really lucky to grateful to collaborate with one of the coolest artists ever , Nav Veer As I had manisfested this long ago when I saw his song wakhra song and Said to my self that one day I  will do a song with back then I did not even know how and When, but see the time is here, and I am Really grateful and excited to share the screen with  Nav veer (nav Inder )this year  it is an honor to work with him.”

Anurag further adds,

“He is such a great and humble artist and really hardworking. It will be a great number as loads of efforts are goin on”. “Recently we shared the stage Together in Dubai and people loved the duo looking forward for this Fingers crossed guys.”

Anurag has lived through it and reinforced the statement that no one is in it alone and that he wants to help his fans through his platform and now he is sharing screen with such a great artist which we all will be awaiting for

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