Posted on March 21, 2023 at 5:14 am

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Rahul Bhatia’s Girl To Woman reel goes viral, among top 10 most-viewed reels in the world

Rahul Bhatia knows how to entertain his audience in the virtual world. The TV personality, who has been a part of shows such as Chat House, Welcome 2, Splitsvilla, Dare 2 Date, Big Switch, Date Trap, is also a social media star, known for his fun reels.

“We (Rahul and his wife Meenakshi Bhatia) started Instagram for fun. In Delhi you don’t have much scope for shooting and acting. Also, I have my own business to run, so whenever I used to get time I did Instagram to entertain myself. Slowly we started getting responses from the audiences and our followers and subscribers started increasing. People used to DM and comment on our reels saying how much they loved the content,” he shares what initiated the journey.

Both Rahul and Meenakshi ideate and write the script for the reels.

“People want to see both of us together. Whenever we put the reels together, we get more views and comments and good reactions,” he adds.

Recently, their Girl To Woman reel is among the top 10 most viewed reels in the world.

“We never thought that this reel would go viral and get 120 million views. When we checked the stats we have reached the top 10 most viewed reels on Instagram in the world and that feels great. As an Indian, I am proud about making our name in the world and taking India ahead,” he says.

Ask him about trolling, a common phenomenon in the virtual space, and he replies,

“Yes trolling happens but that is part of the game. We just make our content and we love it. Both of us don’t pay much heed to them. But we are all for constructive criticism.”

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