Posted on March 21, 2023 at 5:00 am

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Here’s how Mitaali Nag celebrated her birthday!

Actress Mitaali Nag, who turned a year older recently, says that she had an amazing birthday. This year was all about family and close friends, she says.

“My husband planned a surprise dinner for me, inviting all my close friends.  He made it memorable for me. And all my friends made me happy by being a part of my special day. Some even came late after wrapping up their shoot. We had a good time with good food, drinks, music and a lot of good laughs,” she says.

Ask her if she has a birthday ritual, and she says,

“Seeking blessing from God is what I make sure I do every year. I visit a temple and do charity by donating food items to the underprivileged.”

Talking about her most memorable birthday, she says,

“I have had more than one memorable birthday. I remember when I turned 18, my mother hosted a party at our house in Nagpur and made all the guests give me a rose. So by the end of the party, I had like 100 roses. My last birthday fell on Holi and I was also shooting that day. So, I had a double celebration. It was an exciting day.”

And, as for gifts, Mitaali always gets something special, she says, adding,

“My husband keeps giving me expensive perfumes, watches or bags on every birthday. Those are all special as my husband spends his hard earned money to get those. My mother had once gifted me an electronic tabla on my birthday which my son uses for his music class now, so it’s like passing on the legacy and this certainly makes that electronic tabla a memorable gift for me.”

Age is just a number, she says.

“I feel age is not something that defines a person or what a person can accomplish. It’s all in your head. I have never given age importance, whether it is for myself or others. Most of my friends say I am a woman who is still a girl!” she laughs.

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