Posted on March 14, 2023 at 4:00 am

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Namrata Joshipura returns to the runway with ‘The First Order’ Collection at Lakme Fashion Week 2023

Renowned fashion designer Namrata Joshipura made a grand return to the runway with her highly anticipated collection “The First Order” at the Mumbai Lakme Fashion Week on Saturday, 11th March 2023, at 7 pm at the Jio World Garden, BKC.

Photo courtesy Lakme Fashion Week
Photo courtesy Lakme Fashion Week


After a seven-year hiatus, Namrata Joshipura was back to bring her signature brand of luxurious and elegant fashion to the fashion event.

Inspired by the concept of artificial intelligence,


“The First Order” was a triumph of modern design. The collection featured a post-modern disco elegance, blending classic styles with contemporary flair. Each ensemble was carefully crafted with the finest modern fabrics, showcasing Joshipura‘s expertise in creating stunning drapes, twists, and cutouts.

The colour palette was a sumptuous display of cerulean blues, forest greens, and saturated classic reds. The CD-ROM print added a futuristic feel to the collection, creating a unique and immersive experience that drew inspiration from the outdoors. The result was a seamless blend of western fashion culture with the elegance and sophistication of India’s elite.

Showstopper for Namrata Joshipura Athiya Shetty looked stunning in our signature jumpsuit with her statuesque presence. Cut-out drapes create the perfect body con statement for a high glam impact. The bold Deep Wine colour adds to the allure.

Talking about the show, Athiya Shetty says,


 “Walking for Namrata Joshipura’s collection at Lakme Fashion Week was truly special for me, as it marked a reunion with the designer after 2016.  Namrata is a master of her craft and her vision for this collection is revolutionary – it’s a beautiful amalgamation of luxury, elegance and a futuristic outlook, fueled by the power of data and AI. It’s exciting to see fashion evolve with the times, and I’m honoured to have been a part of this journey and walk for Namrata Joshipura.”


Through her designs, Joshipura celebrates the beauty of modern fashion. While also looking towards the future, where humanity continues to evolve in the most basic and fundamental way.

Sharing more about her concept and inspirations, Namrata Joshipura says, 


“The collection represents knowledge in artificial intelligence, reflecting the simplest and most fundamental level of organization or experience. Through ‘The First Order,’ I wanted to create an immersive experience that celebrates the beauty and sophistication of modern design while also looking towards the future.


It was an incredible moment for me to have Athiya Shetty walk for my collection and be the showstopper. She brought a special energy to the runway, as she perfectly embodied the essence of the collection and brought it to life with her grace and style. I’m thrilled to be back in Mumbai at Lakme Fashion Week after a gap of seven years.”



When one delves deeper into her designs, it is evident that Namrata Joshipura‘s woman is fit, unabashed, and supremely poised, embodying the (r)evolutionary spirit of a new era in fashion.


With “The First Order,” Joshipura has once again reaffirmed her position. As a prominent designer, a true icon of trend-setting styles.


Her ability to interpret the latest fashion trends with timeless design elements has resulted in a collection that showcases her unique vision and creativity.

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