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Soumita Saha Greg Sauzet’s Project Selected For UK Film Festival

Soumita Saha Greg Sauzet’s Project Selected For UK Film Festival

Soumita Saha and Greg Sauzet’s Projects Selected For UK Film Festival

Soumita Saha
Photo credits team Soumita Saha

Soumita Saha and Greg Sauzet’s collaboration got selected for the Lift Off Filmmaker Session Film festival, UK 2023

An international collaboration that left the listeners in awe last year goes to Lift Off Filmmaker Session Film festival 2023, UK. Indian singer Soumita Saha and french music producer Greg Sauzet’s work created a stir on the musical niche.”I grew up keep faith on Stevie Wonders words that said ‘Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand’..and it feels amazing to execute the same “add Soumita Saha Indo-French collaboration by Soumita Saha and French Musician Greg Sauzet revived Tagore’s French connection having collaborated for two music videos on Tagore Music.

Greg Sauzet from Poitier, France, and his Indian friend from Kolkata, Soumita Saha collaborated on memorable projects. The direction of photography credit for the music videos goes to Soumita’s then fiance i.e. current husband Agniv Chatterjee. Both the videos were partially shot in Poitier, partially in Maharashtra, South Bengal Coast, and Kolkata.
Soumita also added ” Greg is slowly learning Bengali, I have seen many talented music producers but Greg is an exception. Imagine listening to a song at least two thousand times just to absorb the feeling. Whatever little we have done is certainly the result of his hard work. I must say Agniv worked very hard for the videos from selecting the location to making it look perfect “.

Greg and Soumita collaborated first time for the Tagore Song project ‘ O Jey manena mana’ during valentine’s season 2022. The love song bestowed the Indo-French duo with so much appreciation from listeners that they came up with another experimental tribute to Tagore on his birth anniversary. After OJey Manena Mana’ they sang the praise of ‘ friendship ‘ with the song “Aay Tobe Sohochori”. Cinematography credit for both goes to Agniv Chatterjee, the musical films were jointly directed by Soumita and Agniv. Greg Sauzet is an eminent musician based in Poitier, France, he has got praise worthy grasp on Indian Classical music and blues as well. He is a musician that plays multiple instruments. His interest inclined towards Indian classical music when he learned sitar, he is a disciple of Maestra Joyeeta Sanyal. Both the songs are a mellifluous blend of Traditional and Mordern blues.

” I was quite excited about bridging the cultural gap between Kolkata and Poitier, France in the light of that it has been officially selected for Lift Off Filmmaker Session Film festival 2023, the world indeed feels like a cultural matrix ” adds Soumita. While recording and shooting for the songs gave Greg immense joy. ” These projects gave me a beautiful opportunity to pay tribute to Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, work with my friend Soumita and learn Bengali” adds Greg.

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