Posted on February 16, 2023 at 1:46 am

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Raahul Jatin’s song ‘Janta Ki Jaan’ trends on social media; crosses 2 Million views

Singer and composer Raahul Jatin‘s song is trending on social media. Fans are listening to the song on repeat.


Janta Ki Jaan is a song dedicated to the actress Priyanka Chahar Choudhary.


The actress has been trending on social media. As the ‘deserving winner Priyanka’ after the results of the show Bigg Boss 16.


Raahul is a young singer and has been getting fame for his melodious love songs. His songs Humnasheen, Batao Na, and Tere Liye are among his most popular songs.


Janta Ki Jaan is a 1-minute song made by Raahul in praise of the actress.

Raahul’s song ‘Tere Liye’, which he wrote for #Priyankit (Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta). It went viral and people loved how he beautifully mentioned the bond between the actors in the song.


Later fans influenced him to create a song for Priyanka and Raahul said yes. As he also supported Priyanka as a winner.


The singer has a knack for composing love songs and his charm and beautiful writing create magical songs loved by the listeners.

The song Janta Ki Jaan is also loved by the actress and Raahul is hoping to have a full video made with Priyanka on the song.

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