Posted on December 7, 2022 at 8:16 am

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Raahul Jatin on new song ‘Madhoshiyaan’: “It’s rewarding to sing a song of my dad“

Singer and composer Raahul Jatin who had been in the limelight for his recently sung and composed song ‘Humnasheen’ is all set for his next release, Madhoshiyaan.

Photo courtesy Raahul team
Photo courtesy Raahul team

Talking about his upcoming song, Raahul shared,



“Madhoshiyaan is composed and written by my Dad, Jatin Pandit Ji. I’ve sung the song and it’s always a challenge but also very rewarding to sing a song of my dad to the point where he likes how it is sounding and how it’s been sung”.

He also revealed that Jatin Ji is very particular about his songs and is often known to be very strict.


Raahul adds It’s easier said than done to match the vision of someone’s song.


For me, it was a very lovely experience. I got to learn a lot. I got to improve as an artist. It’s always a challenge to sing a song for him and when I do come through it’s a very rewarding experience.


We further asked him about what’s unique about Madhoshiyaan to which he said,


“If you hear this song you can immediately tell that it is a song made by Jatin-Lalit. It has the spirit and essence of the legendary duo. Modern songs have so many complications. It had to be small and reel ready and shall have hooks and drops but melody and singing are lost in between all these checkboxes. What truly makes it unique is that the listeners will connect to Madhoshiyaan as the focus is more on lyrics, melody, and singing”.


We can’t wait to see this charming singer in his new video ‘Madhoshiyaan’ but until we get more of it. For all the fans ‘Humnasheen’ is available on all the popular music streaming platforms.

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