Posted on November 11, 2022 at 9:24 pm

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Sagar Joshi Releases His Latest Single “Fall”

Sagar Joshi Releases His Latest Single “Fall”

Sagar Joshi Takes Us to New Emotional Heights with the Release of “Fall”

Sagar Joshi is a multi-faceted artist, sound engineer, and music producer who delivers a unique
and innovative sound. He hails from Mumbai, India, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. He
grew up with the roots of Indian classical music but is currently more interested in the synthesis and experimentation of electronic music. With the current release of his latest single “Fall”, Sagar explores a depth of emotion unlike any other with his ethereal and otherworldly sound.

“Fall” is an emotional track with an air of reviving yourself after getting emotionally hurt. “Fall” talks about the moment of realization of things not quite working out for an individual while the core is still pure and wishes the best for everyone and everything around that individual. It also talks about feeling helpless and wanting something to happen but alas the person is in love with everything and everyone around him/her. The lyrics address an emotional ordeal beginning with “The days you hurt me, the stars you made me see, the world folds in, making me feel. I can now see the butcher, of you and me, I can’t now, hold the feeling, please carry me.” His music is inherently tied to his spirituality, and he hopes to share elements of this throughout the single. His psychedelic inspiration is taken from Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Shpongle, King Crimson, George Benson, Paco De Lucia.

As a sound engineer, Sagar has mixed at many venues throughout Los Angeles, CA. From
Brooklyn Steel in New York to Brooklyn Bowl in Vegas, he was mixing sold-out shows as a front-of-house engineer for a plethora of artists. Earlier this year, he toured with The Marías, an indie pop band from LA, nominated for a Grammy for their debut album Cinema. He is also touring
with Ry X, who is a Grammy winner this year for his collaboration with Black Coffee in his newly released album – Subconsciously. He also produced vocal sample packs with artists like Molly Moore from LA, Jazmine Flowers, and Luke Burr from the UK, for an audio sample website named Splice.

Check out the “Fall” by Sagar Joshi being released on all platforms on November 6, 2022!

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