Posted on November 11, 2022 at 2:29 pm

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Sapra Releases New Music Video “Coco – Meetha Meetha Pain”

Sapra Releases New Music Video “Coco – Meetha Meetha Pain”

Sapra Releases New Music Video “Coco – Meetha Meetha Pain”

Sapra’s latest sensational music video release, “Coco – Meetha Meetha Pain” demonstrates the power of what it means to fall in love with one’s addiction. The allure of sex, power, and drugs is so strong today, sometimes we begin to fail to realize what the root of that addiction really is Supra’s video is titillating, sensual, and provocative and asks us to question our own motives when it comes to addiction.

Much of the video centers around a surrealistic depiction of a man and his lover, ranging
through different scenes of indulging in drink, food, lust, and the indulgence of other vices. This upbeat, rhythmic song incorporates flows and lines that are intended to help raise awareness when it comes to our greatest vices. For Sapra, he was inspired to write this song as he’s witnessed close friends of his suffering through their own ordeals with addiction. Sapra has collaborated with “rehabs. Asia” on this track to help share resources for people who may be battling substance abuse issues. The song is intended to help promote awareness around
addiction and hopes to create a dialogue through the creation of this music video.

“Coco – Meetha Meetha Pain” was produced by Sapra and Taylor Sparks under the guidance of Ara Torosyan. The lyrics were written by Sharad Tripathi and the music video was directed by George Masin. The music video was also filmed by Domenico Grasso.

Production design by Bryan Barrios and makeup and wardrobe by Viktoria Valeska. Digital Marketing and artwork by Abhijeet Sarkar, Tuhina Sarkar, Aaashiq Elahi, and Vivek Verma. The music video was filmed in Los Angeles, CA, and was produced by MLM Pictures. Makeup and wardrobe were done by Glyna Kostenko and assistant wardrobe was done by Gloriley Sanchez. Check out “Coco – Meetha Meetha Pain” released on all audio platforms on November 1, 2022, with the music video premiering on November 24, 2022!

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