Posted on November 18, 2022 at 2:00 am

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Fans are applauding Ankit Gupta’s observing skills in the BB house!

Bigg Boss 16 is becoming more and more captivating with each passing episode. Ankit Gupta doesn’t shy away from sharing his views about the game and what others are doing.

Photo courtesy Ankit Gupta team
Photo courtesy Ankit Gupta team

In the last weekend ka vaar, Salman khan also praised Ankit and the way he observes the game. Ankit has a very strong and competitive personality that he is showing in the house slowly but steadily.


In the recent task, Sajid Khan’s godown will have all the ration of the house. Every time a song plays, the lights of the house will go out and the housemates will go to sleep. However, the housemates will get a chance to be ‘thieves’ and steal ration from the godown.


Sajid will be keeping an eye on them, and it depends on Sajid how many rations he would let the contestants steal. But later, Ankit said to Priyanka why every time all the leftover ration will go to Sajid ji this is unfair. This happens every time whenever we are playing any task. To which Priyanka replies, ‘Bigg Boss give us also a chance.


Later on, the internet e witnessed a storm of tweets that came in Ankit’s support. A fan tweeted, ‘Is Ankit psychic or something? Man, he can’t be for real.


The way he decodes everyone’s game, “Rakhi Sawant jaisi harkatai kar Kai Jeet jayegi” #AnkitGupta”. Another fan tweeted,


“Sajid ko favour kr woh glt hai per Archana bhi shi nhi hai her baar chilane se drama krne se app shi nhi lagogi Rakhi bhi nhi hai woh bhi smjh jati dusron ki baat yeh ultra pro max dogli politician hai #PriyAnkit #PriyankaChaharChoudhary #AnkitGupta’.

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