Posted on November 18, 2022 at 1:41 am

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Shalin Bhanot fans demand MC Stan to be thrown out of Bigg Boss house

Only when Bigg Boss witness the first physical fight of this season due to which Archana was thrown out of the show & brought back in, today another fight ensued that could have potentially resulted in a massive one had not other inmates intervened.


After Tina sprained her ankle & Shalin ran to her rescue, MC Stan offered a suggestion, later as Shalin continued to massage Tina’s foot, MC Stan walked by making derogatory remarks.

After hurling a series of abuses, Shalin replied back giving in to the provocation & instigation.

MC Stan went ahead & threatened to kill him.

The netizens have a field day today as they have demanded Stan to be thrown out for threatening.

Shalin clearly just massaged Tina & meant no harm.

Look at what some of the tweets read :

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