Posted on November 15, 2022 at 5:53 am

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5 Reasons why Tina Datta is perfect Bigg Boss material

Bigg Boss season 16 is getting interesting day by day, and the recent eviction of Archana Gautam has fueled up the internet with opinions and debates happening. To sum up, this week was full of fights and chaos. The audience had mixed opinions going on, there was a huge set of an audience appreciating and applauding actress Tina Datta for her vocal nature and bold personality. Looking at her game play, heated arguments, and lots many things in the house; we have curated 5 Reasons why Tina Datta is perfect Bigg Boss material


#1 Strong & Bold Opinions

Tina is someone who has always spoken upfront and stuck to her points boldly. Be it household chores or speaking against the wrong, Datta always speaks it out loud. Her recent stand for Abdu’s captaincy was equally appreciated outside.


#2 Style & Fashion On Point

Tina doesn’t leave an opportunity to look pleasing and refreshing on the screen. Her outfits, hair styles, subtle makeup has always gotten her eyeballs inside as well as outside the house. She is also one of the best dressed contestants of this season.


#3 Entertaining Banters

Give it to her for her wit, humor and entertaining conversations with Bigg Boss… Scoring 10/10 Tina and her one liners are getting popular day by day. Her sarcasm will make you ROFL for sure…!


#4 Competitive Spirit

Tina respects the Bigg Boss game and has always shown her good competitive spirit in the house. Recently, the way she performed for Abdu in the mining task, got her audience applause.


#5 Game Decoder

Tina can be called a mastermind in the house. The way she decodes other contestant’s games is bang on. In the recent episodes she spoke out about Shalin, and in the past she had out and out exposed many contestant’s game plans including Gautam, Sumbul, etc…

And as we lay these reasons, let us know which one you like the most.

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