Posted on October 17, 2022 at 8:42 pm

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Soumita Saha’s Travel Pictures Are Travel Goal For Many

Soumita Saha’s Travel Pictures Are Travel Goal For Many

Soumita Saha’s recent unique travel pictures give major travel goals to many

What is it about some people? They seem to grow a year awesome every birthday while the rest of us spend our days pulling out grey hair and bathing in anti-aging serum. Some of us keep stalking what’s in vogue and invest in accessories and outfits while some are blessed to beautify the simplest things and yet look amazing. It’s basically uniqueness and enjoying what one does. Singing sensation and painter Soumita Saha indubitably belongs to the effortless category.

Just like here exclusively unique music and paintings Soumita practices a simplistic yet unique lifestyle. With her drool-worthy looks and chic sense of style, she keeps wooing fans on social media. Her vacation pictures happen to be one such center of attention. Her social network feed reflects her inclination towards unconventional, unspoiled places where mother nature is at her unearthly best. Her travel destinations include both common and uncommon places. Soumita has visited vacation spots of common interest like Lonavala. But her feed is ruled by mostly unconventional travel destinations.

The ‘Vandemataram’ singer has visited many corners of Bengal that are unique. Her recent vacation pictures give significant travel goals to many dwellings in the eastern region. Soumita got engaged to longtime beau Agniv last year. Little birdies keep whispering about the completion of the legal marriage procedure for the duo. The couple’s pictures from their previous short trip to odisha hives major travel goals for many couples. The couple depicted the beauty of Balasore uniquely as the place offers scenic beauty of the sea and lofty hills, waterfall, and lush green forest 2-3hour distant from each other.

Soumita and Agniv’s hometown is in Kolkata. Durgapuja is one of the most celebrated festivals in the town. The couple chose Navaratri’s time to escape from the crowd and enjoy the serenity of nature. Soumita shall be seen in many independent projects in the upcoming days. The year waiting ahead shall not only keep the singing bird busy but also keep the couple on their toes as little birdies are whispering about impending nuptials to get executed.

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