Posted on October 13, 2022 at 5:00 am

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Audience extends their support to Gautam Singh Vig as they call out Soundarya Sharma for giving him mixed signals

As the dynamics between the candidates change, Bigg Boss 16 is becoming more exciting. Shalin Bhanot is seen flirting with Soundarya Sharma while Gautam Vig has expressed affection for the latter.

Photo courtesy Gautam Team
Photo courtesy Gautam Team


In the most recent episode, Gautam made a suggestion that Shalin’s intentions might not be pure. After Soundarya informed him about Shalin’s comment on her undergarments.


Shalin made a comment on Soundarya’s clothing. She initially thought it was a joke, but she continued to voice her unease with Gautam.


She admitted to him that she was unaware that she was wearing Calvin Klein, but Shalin had pointed it out. Gautam then said that she must take a stand now and stop him from flirting.


Both of them got honest about their emotions in the latest episode. Gautam told her that she should not have indulged in such things but rather just said no to him.


It doesn’t end here, However, Soundarya was not convinced. And she went to patch up with MC Stan and shared what she thinks about Gautam and Shalin.


She told him that she and Gautam are not a couple yet and the latter has only expressed his liking, not love. This didn’t go well with the audience.

They took to their Twitter handle and called out her for playing with Gautam. The tweets read: A user wrote,


” #SoundaryaSharma
Brohh!! Be a girl for one man y u want a connection with each n every boy around.
No loyalty found…
Signals to #shalinbanot… N bitching to #GautamVig… Expectating #MCStan liking
Seeming like #leech
Grow up illiterate!!”


Another one wrote,


“Baba yeh Soundarya toh dono taraf khel rahi hai Haye bechara gautam #SoundaryaSharma #GautamVig”

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